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Lost Relationships And Dating Finding A New

Lost Relationships And Dating Finding A New
Did my title raise your eyebrow? Perhaps you are wondering who I am to write about relationships and dating. Well, my most precious relationship went as far as fifteen years and would have even gone farther if it weren't for death. Yes, I lost my wife two years ago and I am currently trying to keep my life normal. Also, as what my friends suggest, I gave dating a shot in case I can still find luck in love. This piece is here to share my experiences in meeting new people to those who lost love and who still hope to find love.

TRY TO PAY BOOKSTORES, MUSEUMS AND LIBRARIES A VISIT. For sure, you'll find in here someone who is intellectual enough to understand your past and still willing enough to accept you for who you are. Meet people in these places, you'll surely have something in common to talk about. That is one thing relationships are about- something you have in common. You might just get blessed and find love.

RESUME TALKING OVER A CUP OF COFFEE. If you have already met someone, ask if you can have coffee together. This is a less stressful way of continuing your talk. Find love in a relaxed environment like coffee shops. Just like when I enjoyed a stimulating conversation with an intelligent woman the other night in a shop near office. You never know when you're going to have your relationships.

ASK QUESTIONS AND SHOW INTEREST ABOUT WHAT YOUR DATE IS TELLING YOU. Find love in listening to your date's stories and at the same time, share your own ideas and opinions. Relationships usually start with getting to know your partner better. Lucky for me, my date the other night is interested to aircrafts because her brother is also an aircraft engineer like me. She told me next week she'll arrange a dinner for me to meet her brother. See? When you pay attention to what your date is saying, you'll have a chance for a second date or so.

ASK YOUR DATE TO JOIN YOU IN A CHALLENGE. Relationships boom when two persons can relate with each other. Propose an activity to your date that the both of you haven't tried. It can be going on a wall climbing, a zip line or going to a mountain. Find love in the most adventurous circumstance.

NOT JUST INTELLECT BUT HUMOR. You may start having relationships to someone who is as intellectual as you but it is brilliant if the two of you can share humor. I mean, make each other laugh. This is to avoid getting dull moments and start to find love with each other.

There you go - the things I do to keep going with my life without my wife. I am sure she would understand that I need relationships to nourish my needs. I have found her in an unimaginable way and I hope I can still find love again in the least expected way. I bet she's praying for that too.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):John Nash - Reflections On The Divine Feminine

Cucan Pemo - You Can Save Your Relationship And Marriage

Susan Gillpatrick - Common Relationship Mistakes And How To Fix Them

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Advice From The Pros Matchmaker Michelle Frankel

Advice From The Pros Matchmaker Michelle Frankel
To help our users get the most out of Jzoog, we decided to get advice from the experts: professional matchmakers and dating coaches. We asked them 8 questions that we hope will give you some guidance in preparing an awesome online profile and succeeding in finding love online (hopefully on Jzoog!).

Our expert today is Michelle Frankel, owner of NYCity Matchmaking and a matchmaker right here on Jzoog. Michelle's answers follow each question.


- Why is she single

- Is she cute

- Is she drama free


-Why is he single

-How tall is he

-Is he employed/financially secure


PICTURES (for both Men and Women). NYCityMatchmaking works with an amazing photographer. Having 'Natural' yet Professional photos taken is the #1 investment you can make for online dating success.


Absolutely- but it should be concise, creative and specific to the person you are emailing. The generic - "I liked your profile" is not effective.


Negativity. No one wants to meet someone who has a negative attitude about dating or online dating. Save that for the shrink. Your profile should convey optimism. Also lying about your height won't get you too far. Women will figure it out as soon as you meet in-person. Be honest and upfront.

6.What are some big mistakes women make on their online profiles?

Lying about their age. The truth is going to be revealed so you might as well be honest from the get go. I can appreciate women wanting to alter their age to come up in searches. Nonetheless, you still should always be honest and reveal your true age somewhere in your profile.


NYCity Matchmaking has helped 100s of people succeed on line. Through Profile Makeovers and new Photos- this past year we have helped many meet their "Beshert" online with 5 becoming engaged. Sometimes you need an objective fresh eye to review and give your profile the edge it needs to stand out.


It is a marathon not a sprint. I ultimately met my husband online but I did online dating for years and went on more dates than I can recall. Don't get frustrated or give-up.

Open up your parameters. Your perfect partner may be an inch shorter or taller than your search parameters. Throw out that check list you may surprise yourself who you really connect with.

(oops I guess that is 2 pieces of advice)


You can contact Michelle here.

What do you think of Michelle's advice?

Please share your comments and questions below.


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Learning Hypnosis Quickly

If the thought of hypnosis interests you, you might consider conversational hypnosis training. You can easily learn the art of hypnotizing people that you know and interact with. You can find training for this through several mediums. You may choose to study with a book, DVD, or ebook. If you choose to do this training, you should find a training course that has been reviewed and has been proven to be effective. This will ensure you a better success rate.

Conversational hypnosis uses common conversation to hypnotize people that you are interacting with. It works though word choice, tone of voice and emotional appeals. You will find that you can persuade your friends and co-workers to assist you with anything you suggest.

The great thing about conversational hypnosis training is that you can learn it in your own home, on your own time using an ebook or DVD. Conversation hypnosis is a powerful skill since most people are unaware that you are learning to manipulate them.

Conversational hypnosis is used more often than you realize. Marketers, advertisers, and salesmen use the power of words on a regular basis in order to make emotional requests of their customers. They are practicing a kind of conversational hypnosis by placing the buyer in a mild trance-like state and persuading them to buy things on impluse. If you're in one of these sales or marketing fields, conversational hypnosis is an important talent to possess.

Conversational hypnosis is not that difficult to learn. Once you have your eBook or DVD series, study the techniques presented and start applying them regularly. The more time and effort you put into your conversational hypnosis training, the better you'll get at it. Before long you'll be able to influence people's actions without them ever being aware of being hypnotized.

You can also choose to find an instructor if you learn better through one-on-one lessons or working with a small group face-to-face. Use the Internet to find schools near you that provide conversational hypnosis training. They may also refer to this training as covert hypnosis training. You should contact any school before enrolling to learn more about the course of study and the instructor. This will help you find the best class for you.

When you finish your conversational hypnosis training, you'll have the knowlege to put your skills to the test. Apply your brand new abilities to hypnotize others and they won't even being aware that you're doing it. Imagine being able to communicate with your family, friends, and coworkers on a subconscious level. Conversational hypnosis is exceptionally commanding and useful in a wide range of circumstances.

By: Scott Green..

have you wanted to get Conversational Hypnosis Training their are many books dvds and great cources to learn Conversational Hypnosis Training but first read the article and check out the video.

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Nlp For Better Relationships

Nlp For Better Relationships
One of the most important aspects you will find out about on an NLP Practitioner training is that EVERYBODY lives in their own MODEL OF THE WORLD. This is a kind of psycho-cultural jargon that really needs to be explained and exemplified. a key stone in "SPONSORING BETTER AND IMPROVED RELATIONSHIPS "and all the fruits this can offer.

Specifically the improved relationships you want with your children, your partner and you peers and possibly even yourself.

I have recently worked with a very bright and transforming young person who is very much in the process of orientating and integrating their own ideas, beliefs and rationalisation in the mist of a very messy divorce between their parents.

I think very sadly, as reported, said person, is receiving contradictory messages, matter of facts and damming accounts that are funnelled in a kind or Either Or way.

No child should be required to endure this kind of push me, pull you in this context. Thing is they are, so, how can this be transformed into something much more constructive and generative?

To take a step back,briefly, before going forward, another way to attempt to get this idea across was made very famous by Lord Alfred Korzybski in his works related to language and how it conveys, or tries to, relate language to experience "and" the meanings people make from experience. OK here we are again. What Alfy said was "The Map Is Not The Territory." And everybody has their own individual and to some very large extent culturally shared maps.


A very recent BBC 'news' item delivering information about the current situation in Syria came to mind.

This can be interpreted or made sense of like this. Our words, our memories our beliefs and internal mental maps, cultural and individual, that are quite literally constructed or made up so that we can in some way make sense of our experience in our immediate environment.

I have done my best, in metaphor and direct examples, to sponsor the idea that all people have their own motivations, their own beliefs and that both, for that person is valid and their reality. I have also explored Syria in context with Northern Ireland and how children can be indoctrinated to an either / or culture. They were already ahead of the game because they were already using the clause 'yes but in some situations '

Our brains or more accurately our whole nervous system is geared up to abstract or assimilate the cultural norms of our society. It is very easy to look upon what is happening in Syria with disdain or contempt for a pretty disgusting use of sentient beings by sentient beings. But, look into the past ( less than 100 years ) of the racial hatred between factions of people in Northern Ireland.

One persons terrorist is another persons freedom fighter and both while probably having similar ethnocentric values and beliefs have radically different values and beliefs when projected on warring factions.


Jean Piaget, a famous developmental psychologists research states people mature through four stages of emotional, cultural and necessarily behavioural development. These are known as Sensory Motor ( 0-2 ), Pre Operational ( 2-7), Concrete Operational ( 7-11 ) and Formal Operational ( 11 to adult ). What this means is through a natural series of normal evolutions we all go from ego centric to ethno centric to free thinking adults.

At the stage of Concrete Operational, young children learn that their view or perspective is not the only one. This stage involves taking on the perspectives of other people. At the Formal operational level, young adults begin to be able to think about thinking and it is at this stage, become aware that they can introspect about cultural, familial and ethnocentric beliefs.

One of the touching poems about this is by Thich Nhat Hanh, Please Call Me By My True Names


Having discovered that one perspective will not and can not fit all, we are able to take another's perspective. We are in the privileged position to be able to, through imagination, knowledge of culture and identification of other peoples values and beliefs ( which as as concrete or flimsy as our own ) to momentarily play at being someone else; taking on their beliefs,values, concerns and righteous ( as ours ) behaviour. By being many-perspectival we can do compassion. This does NOT mean all views or perspectives are equal, it means we can more better appreciate and respect where someone, anyone is coming from.

This very deep and very human understanding, or compassion, can be sponsored with a variety of NLP techniques such as 'Perceptual Positions, Dilts' Meta Mirror, Metaphors or stories that create the vicarious experiences of often very deep and realisations that help us grow as generatively as human beings.


This requires a next step which is both less and more easy. This is about discovering the purpose or intention that drove another person ( or you ) to act in a certain way. Perhaps a topic for another post. Simple to sya this is ALL about understanding that motivations and drives are expressed in various forms. When the forms don't seemingly match we are into the space of negotiation. Thank you for reading.


Three NLP Training courses are available during the year. January to June is 18 days, April is 9 days over three modules and one later in the year. NLP Practitioner training is a prerequisite to Clinical Hypnothrapy Training in August. All NLP courses in Newcastle are the same price.


7 Reasons Science Says Youre Not Getting Laid

7 Reasons Science Says Youre Not Getting Laid
So how's your sex life? As busy as you want it to be? If not, relax; science is starting to crack the code of why you aren't getting laid on the reg, and The Art of Charm is on the case. If you're looking to polish up your game, take note of these things that are keeping you from sealing the deal. Then fix them.

1. You Have Colored or Crooked Teeth

Whitening strips aren't just for actors and models anymore. A recent study at two British universities found that nearly every woman wants a guy with white teeth. If your teeth are spaced unevenly or crooked, you might want to see an orthodontist: Women aren't into that, either.

2. You Have a High-Pitched Voice

It's not a Western thing, it appears to be universal: Women prefer men with deep voices. The thinking is that a deep voice is more associated with masculine qualities and high testosterone. If you sound like a chipmunk, hire a voice coach to help you develop a more baritone timbre.

Never compliment a woman on her looks when you first meet her. She already knows you think she's hot. She wants to know that you're into who she is.

3. You Smell... Average

Science isn't really sure which smells are a turn-on for which sex, but they are sure that smell has a lot to do with attraction. For example, it's the "smell" of female tears that turn men off, not watching a woman cry. Our advice: Look for a manly scent that isn't all that common. Women remember what you smell like probably more than anything else. If you're (still) using Axe Body Spray, you smell like every other guy at the club. Not good.

4. You Complimented Her Looks

One of the hard and fast rules we tell men: Never compliment a woman on her looks when you first meet her. She already knows that you think she's hot. She wants to know that you're into "who" she is. Research backs the notion that if you tell a woman she's beautiful, she's going to be less interested. Instead, compliment something about her personality. You can go on about how hot she is after you've scored.

5. You're Too Nice

Any pickup artist will tell you that being too nice or meek is a game killer, and science agrees.Two separate studies showed guys who are impulsive, live for kicks and don't seek female approval are more likely to get the girl. So first, be exciting. Show her new things. Take chances. Make her feel excited emotionally and she's going to be excited sexually. Second, don't suck energy out of a relationship by looking for her approval. Getting approval from within is the very essence of confidence, and she's going to love you for it.

This isn't exactly what we meant when we said "take chances."

6. You're Not Moody Enough

Women dig moody and brooding men. This doesn't mean that you should pout. On the contrary, it means that you should cultivate an air of mystery with your silence. And whatever you do, don't be stressed out-that's a massive attraction killer.

7. You Haven't Been Eating Your Fruits and Vegetables

As with most things, you should listen to mom. Getting enough fruit and veggies will have your skin looking better and if you don't think that women will notice that, you've got a whole lot to learn about the fairer sex.

Jordan Harbinger is a Wall Street lawyer turned Social Dynamics expert and coach. He is the co-founder of "The Art of Charm", a dating and relationships coaching company. If you're interested in The Art of Charm residential programs, "apply for a strategy call with a coach." You can also" interact with Jordan on Facebook" or "Twitter"."

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Book 20 Of 11 Ask Elizabeth By Elizabeth Berkley

Book 20 Of 11 Ask Elizabeth By Elizabeth Berkley

Amazon Description:

"Ask Elizabeth" is the complete guide to teen life; the last and only self-help book they'll ever need. Inspired by the many workshops Elizabeth Berkley has conducted with over 30,000 teen girls across the country, "Ask Elizabeth" brings the spirit of these conversations to life on the page.

Much like a private diary, the book will be a personal resource that girls can turn to when they seek answers to teen life's toughest questions.

The content contains real and practical advice, anecdotes and wisdom in answer to the most asked questions from girls who participate in Elizabeth's workshops such as: what do you do when you look in the mirror and don't like what you see? or How do you get over a broken heart? Elizabeth, along with a panel of experts, and teen girls themselves advise readers in matters of body image, personal relationships, dating, and much more."

Review: I'll come right out and say it: Ask Elizabeth is an absolutely gorgeous book...and that's the best thing this book has going for it. That's not to say that Berkley's advice is bad or unrealistic, but none of it is anything girls haven't heard before.

What may be unusual, however, is that Berkley's voice is conversational in an appealing way - she's like your best friend's older sister who has decided you're cool enough to hear all her best kept secrets. The book works well that way. Except, I found myself wishing that I heard more of Berkley's voice and less of the frequent and unnecessary quotes from teens. The letters from girls who had interesting stories were valuable, but I found the two page spread per chapter with quotes from teenage girls to be frivolous. When everyone's personal experience begins to sound the same, you know you may have too many stories on your hands.

The design of this book though, is absolutely stunning. I could rave on about it forever. The layout is logical, the images and design are all beautiful and they fit as a cohesive piece. The book is worth buying just to keep out on your coffee table to peruse through when you're bored and need someone to reiterate all the things you know about self esteem in a pretty, pretty voice. In fact, I'm contemplating doing that myself just so I can have a friend to accompany me along with the raw cookie dough in the dark days.

Overall: If you're female, need some nice moral support with a pretty cover on it, and you think you'll be able to respect anything written by the woman who played the main character of what's known as the worst movie of all time, pick this up! It's worth the perusal, I promise.

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How Can I Get My Ex Husband Back Utilize Several Simple Tips To Get Him Back

How Can I Get My Ex Husband Back Utilize Several Simple Tips To Get Him Back

Article by james ryan

Breakups and divorces are hard to deal with; nearly each person in their life has had to deal with it at one time or another. Breakups can be a strange thing. The first time is generally the hardest and as you become accustomed to them, they should become easier but they don't become easier.

Most people, who suffer from a breakup, desire to have their ex back in their life. This goes for good and bad relationships. If you're coming out of a bad relationship that was violent, either physically or emotionally, leave the relationship alone completely. Do not rekindle this kind of relationship. If you're out of it with your life intact, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

However if you keep asking yourself, "how can I get my ex husband back", chances are you still have deep feelings for him and want to have them back so that you're happy once more. Desperation to get out of this kind of relationship funk can cause you to make major mistakes, which can lead you to have more pain. When the relationship ended, you had a mix range of emotions; you may have felt anger as well as love all at the same time.

So if you're asking yourself, "how can I get my ex husband back" consider what you should not do. The first thing you should never do is beg and whimper to get your second chance. If you push your ex husband too hard for that second chance, you may just succeed in losing him entirely. Don't let this happen to you.

Instead, take some time apart to release any tension in the air. Space and giving one another a breather is the best thing for you both. When you're trying to win your ex husband back, it's imperative that time cools those heated emotions. Make them miss you. You can't do this if your ex sees you all the time.

If you're asking yourself "how can I get my ex husband back" find out what happened in the relationship that kept you two from being able to keep the relationship going. Once you've worked through it, take some take out to fix the problems. If the relationship is worth it, then you'll do what you can to work the problems out.

An absolute must know for you- Do you want your ex back? Now listen carefully. There are a set of astonishingly powerful techniques which will get your ex begging you to date them again. These techniques are so strong that no matter how bad your situation was you are GUARANTEED to get your ex back. Sodon't sit back and relax. These are the secrets you simply can not afford to miss at any cost. I strongly urge you to read everything very carefully on the next page. Follow this link- Get Ex Husband Back!

About the Author

I'm an expert at relationship. I'll try to solve any problem about the relationship.

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Dating Younger Men

Dating Younger Men
For Any Women Out There Who Are Considering Dating Younger Men, But Might Be Still Hung Up On The Surrounding Taboo Or StigmaDon't Be And Here's Why Check out this clip from the annual "Cougar Convention" that might give you a the push you needDATING FOR OLDER WOMENDATING A YOUNGER GUY If you're noticing resistance around the thought of putting yourself out there and attending one of these events or even around DATING YOUNGER MEN in general Just imagine how great it would feel to actually connect with a guy that finally gets you? Would something as superficial as age really matter? The key to attracting any man is to express yourself confidently and radiantly. Men of all ages are drawn to strong, glowing, feminine energy. There is nothing you can do about that. So you may as well take advantage of it Click here to discover the fundamental keys to becoming a woman who always attracts great men, and even better, knows what a man wants.


The Pressures In Dating

The Pressures In Dating

When it comes to handling pressure, dating is an example that can post too much pressure to us. These pressures may lead to either development of ourselves but if we are not able to handle it in the right way, it can also ruin us.

Dating involves two people who are connected with their feelings to come together and get to know each other in a deeper sense. Pressures of dating someone can be experienced before the dating itself wherein people are pressured to look good, to say the right things and act in a way that it can be attractive to your prospect date. Another source of pressure is the society that we are living in, they set the standards on the dating itself; it should be conducted this way or should not be in this place and many more.

Pressures are there to add some spice to our lives. Living itself is a big pressure because we have to survive for us to experience the things that we would want. It will then be a boring life if we live our lives with no pressures and problems, because without them, we cannot develop as humans.

Dating is an experience that is worth all its costs, whatever we get from it will eventually mold us and improve what we already have. Pressures are normal, a person should not take them too seriously such that it would be handled effectively. A way to handle these dating pressures is to have a social life to be able to release all the tensions that can result from it.