Friday, 6 March 2015

Essentials In The Art Of How To Approach Women

Essentials In The Art Of How To Approach Women


When approaching a woman, one should know that the first impression or how she perceives you is critical. If you want some of the top tips on how to approach women listen up.

Be confident. Make the best of that first impression moment which aims at creating an attraction from the start. Obviously, you do not want a scenario whereby you get so nervous you forget your objective. Don't fidget or act uneasy.

It is not easy though, to approach a woman if you are in the category of shy men or those having low self-esteem. These will be things you must work on.

Remember there are 2 possible outcomes when you a approach a woman. You should be prepared for either rejection or approval. And if you get rejected you will have to learn to handle this.

One way is to change perspective and don't think of it as rejection but a learning experience in how to

handle the "not interested in you" moment. And don't personalize it. There are things that attract us

and things that don't. Remember there are some people you are attracted to and some women you are not attracted to. That is just reality.

Know that some women will play 'hard-to-get' ; so do not just give up if you are rejected in the first approach. Try another approach. And always make sure you respect her decision.

Do not lose your temper in case of rejection, or start abusing her. Be friendly as this will make a woman think of you as a gentleman and interested person. Remember that, the first approach should at least, create a long lasting memory between the two of you.

Also be honest as possible as this will make the woman trust you or trust the fact that, she can have a conversation with you. When approaching a woman you should be relaxed and composed.

For instance, greet her and then give a respectful compliment. Don't make a compliment that might be disrespectful to her. Compliment her hair style, her accessories like her jewelry or her smile. But be honest. Find something that you feel sincere about complimenting.

This will lead to a conversation and therefore, boosting your chances of getting a date. There are other ways of approaching her like through a mutual friend.

This might look like a cowardice way of approach, however; it is a better way for those who are shy. All in all be yourself,be composed and confident, pay attention and take your time.

There are other styles or ideas of approaching women such as being the bad boy or being an alpha male.

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