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Hypnosis Nlp Anchors Propulsion Systems And More

Hypnosis Nlp Anchors Propulsion Systems And More

An anchor is a term used in hypnosis and nlp, which stands for what in psychology calls a conditioned stimulus. An anchor is the stimuli which was pared with an unconditioned stimuli or resourceful state or resourceful response. Then we can produce the anchor (stimuli) and produce the state at will. You can also stack anchors.

For instance, if the response you want to produce is not powerful enough, then anchoring several similar responses you would like to produce and then combining them into a single anchor where they all fire off at once could be useful. One could also create a series of anchors or a chain of anchors. This can be done a few different ways, but generally this is where one response triggers another and so on. If you are familiar with behaviorism or Applied Behavior Analysis, then one useful way of thinking about this is behavior chains and conditioning.


Propulsions systems are exactly what they sound like. It is something that propels something towards something. Many in the field of Hypnosis and NLP with almost instantly think of Meta Programs. I got something to tell you we are always going towards or away from something, but what is important is what we focus on and what works. Anyways, one can use chaining anchors to create a propulsion system. However, the trick is to make it so it seduces you or the client.

So, that the process and the goal is irresistible. That way it continues to propel you or them completely through the steps needed to achieve the goal or behavior the propulsion system is in. One useful method is to create several small propulsion systems, which make up a much larger propulsion system. Of course, this is also dependent on how complex the behavior or goal is.


Just like doing any thing else in hypnosis and NLP one needs to know what, where and how they are going to do something before doing it. So first, one needs to define what behavior or goal they want to use with the propulsion system. Then one needs to know what anchors are they going to chain or stack and then chain. Then one needs to decide what order they want the chain of anchor to fire off in. Yes, it is a good idea in many cases to use separate anchors at first to create the chain of anchors.

Now, it is time to get to work. Do the anchoring, setting up the chain of anchors, adding in the chain of anchors to where you are going to put it. Then it is time to do all the normal stuff you do in Hypnosis and NLP, like an ecology check, make sure it is working and generalize it where needed. This is where things like nested loops are really handy. However, that is a different subject, but this is the hypnosis and nlp blog, so click where it says nested loops if you want to know more about nested loops or hypnosis or nlp.

Hypnosis And NLP: Building A Simple Propulsion System

Hint: When picking resourceful mental states. It is easy to start out with using examples of things that already motivate you. If needed add more than three examples. You can also stack anchors, but I suggest starting out as simple as possible. If you need to make any adjustments afterwards, then it will be relatively easy to do so.

Step 1: Identify what goal or behavior you want to put the propulsion system in.

Step 2: Define explicit steps to do this behavior or achieve this goal in simple small steps.

Step 3: Identify three resourceful mental states.

Step 4: Anchor each resourceful mental state in at-least two submodalities (Senses).

Step 5: Test the anchors to make sure they work. If they do not repeat steps 1-4.

Step 6: Imagine the first step to begin going towards the goal or to begin the behavior.

Step 7: Fire off the anchors in their desired order and repeat three times.

Step 8: Test if thinking about it produces the response the anchors produce in order.

Step 9: If it did not produce the anchored responses, then repeat steps 3-8.

Step 10: Go to the next step and fire off anchors in the desired order and repeat 4 times.

Step 11: Continue through each step repeating firing off each anchor in order one extra time than the last until complete.

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