Saturday, 29 November 2014

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day
Today is the Shashtiabdapoorty of our Independence. When a man turns 60 years old it is the custom among several Indian communities to celebrate the occasion with a get together which includes a prayer ceremony followed by a feast. This is generally hosted by his children and if the man has no issue his younger brothers and sisters do him the honor. This is in fact a way of acknowledging the role of parents in shaping their lives and of telling them that since they've done their bit it is time for them to relax and for the next generation to take charge. Is it not appropriate that we pay our tribute as children of this great nation in the most befitting manner?

Here are just a few things that we can do to be worthy of the freedom that we got due to the patience and perseverance of our great leaders.

1) Let us say NO to the customs and preferences that work against concept of peaceful co existence and disturb the natural balance of society. You've got me right. I mean the custom of offering and accepting dowry in whatever form. Please do no offer your sons for a price; they are too precious for that. And if by chance you do accept a price for him isn't it proper that you hand him over to the bidder? I mean the highest bidder. You cannot accept a price and retain him as your property along with his wife as incentive bonus. No Sir/ Ma'am. You cannot hope to have the cake and eat it too.

2) Parents of girls please don't treat your daughter's marriage as an auction by offering a higher price for a boy being considered by your neighbor for his daughter. For all you know someone else may outbid you. If only a good number of you say NO to the atrocious demands made by parents of eligible boys the menace would automatically be thwarted.

3) Parents of young children are actually dealing with the nurture of national treasures. Please remember that there is no short cut to success. There never was and there never will be. Corruption in any form - whether you practice it or encourage it - would send a wrong signal to your children. They may never respect you or consider you worthy. Remember that you have a future with them. Do not make them heartless and unfeeling. You may be financially independent but never emotionally. Teach them values and you will reap rich rewards. And by your responsible behaviour it is the nation that will ultimately benefit.

4) They say charity begins at home and so it does. A country like ours is full of needy people. Let not your children grow up taking everything for granted. It will help them appreciate the facilities that are made available to them.

5) The media plays a great role in reporting various incidents that happen around us. Was it not for the visual media we may never learn about so many things happening in a distant place. Stories of rape and murder, wives being harassed for not producing a male heir and mothers throwing away new born infants, sometimes after brutally injuring them and daughters/sons speaking out against fathers are all reported. Channels compete with each other and claim that the story was an exclusive report. Does not responsible journalism call for an appropriate follow up of the news and a discussion with experts on possible solutions? The next sensational news takes over and the previous one is conveniently forgotten. I personally feel that this kind of reporting is not only cheap but it serves the singular purpose of putting ideas into the minds of adolescents. Correct me if I am wrong.

6) With the IT boom taking over, scientific research has taken a back seat. The quality if research being done is mediocre or plagiarized. The Ranchi University conducted tests to judge the candidates' aptitude before allowing them to pursue research. Not a single candidate qualified in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. One of the reasons quoted was that the good ones have either left the state to pursue their studies elsewhere or have taken up IT jobs. The same may be the case with Arts subjects. I remember talking to a friend about how delightful I found Shakespeare's Anthony and Cleopatra and how much we had enjoyed our English classes as undergrads. The lady, an MA in English Literature and an English teacher in a reputed English school in our town surprised me by saying that she had never read Shakespeare in the original. And this was some 15 years back. She had passed out from the school she taught in and it was affiliated to the ICSE board. In these days of ticks and crosses and answer being restricted to one word options, the joy of reading good literature has vanished. And yet with their superficial knowledge of subjects students easily get 95%. My days are almost over. I have only 3 years left of my career unless the retirement age is extended. But I still wonder if something can be done to change our approach towards education and make it less mark oriented.

7) Finally let us say a big NO to religious fanaticism. No religion supports bloodshed and killing of innocent people. Let us not return to the stone age after having culturally evolved.

This post is getting too long and I am afraid a little pessimistic. Ours is a country with innumerable resources that need to be channelized. Let us put our heads together and think how it may be done. Happy Independence Day to all of you.

Friday, 28 November 2014

How Can I Save My Marriage Dont Put Off What You Can Start Doing Today

How Can I Save My Marriage Dont Put Off What You Can Start Doing Today

Get back with your ex

"How can I save my marriage?" This question comes up so often with friends talking over coffee, or from a phone call to a best friend that they need to confide in. While things may seem hopeless, the answers could be very obvious. But life sometimes causes us not to see the answers for the problem.

It's like the old adage: "You can't see the forest for the trees". This rings so true for marriage. Many times, we become so wrapped up in problems that we don't give ourselves the chance to adequately search for the solution. We focus on the wreck instead of the cleanup. Getting over what is going on means being able to shift focus on how to resolve it. If we can focus on it enough to contemplate how much damage it is causing a marriage, then focusing on its resolution should get equal attention.

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If there is a problem in a marriage then worrying about it isn't going to fix it. This is where communication comes in. Focusing on the problem isn't going to resolve it: neither is fighting over it or hiding resentment or anger. Bringing it all out for both sides to see, and discuss, is what needs to happen. And the sooner this happens, the better.

The best course of action here is to set aside time when both spouses can engage in conversation without distractions: "without distractions" being the key here. If this cannot be accomplished without interruptions or "life" butting in, then this is not the time. This is something that deserves full attention. If it is serious enough that one party feels their marriage is in jeopardy then that should be enough to warrant pushing all other areas to the side.

Once you have quiet, alone time, sit down and one person begins talking. If only one person feels this is an issue then they will start and have ample time to bring out their concerns. Perhaps a time limit could be imposed so that both sides get equal opportunity to address the concern.

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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Middle Child Personality Traits

Middle Child Personality Traits


Some people doubt that birth order can have an effect on personality. The main argument those people depend on is that not all children who belong to the same birth order have the same personality traits.For example a common middle child usually lacks self esteem but the presence of many middle children who have a good level of self confidence helps those people challenge this theory.The one factor that those people didn't take into consideration is that many other factors including the coping style of the child, the parenting style of his parents in addition to his birth order determines his personality and not just his birth order.That's why a middle child who learned how to face problems could develop personality traits such as courage and confidence while a middle child who learned how to run from problems will become shy and withdrawn.


The elder child usually develops leadership abilities because his parents always assign him the task of taking care of his younger siblings. The Youngest child finds himself spoiled because of the excessive attention he gets from his parents.Now the challenge that the middle child faces is that he finds himself squeezed between two other siblings who get most of the attention.As a result of this situation the MIDDLE CHILD MIGHT DEVELOP THESE PERSONALITY TRAITS:

* LOW SELF ESTEEM: If the middle child didn't learn how to cope with that situation he will develop low self esteem and become socially withdrawn because of believing that there is something wrong with him
* SHYNESS: The middle child might develop a personality trait such as shyness if he felt overlooked. Many people look at shyness superficially without understanding that its usually an indication of the person's low estimation of his self worth. As a result of not getting enough attention the middle child might think that he is inferior and so develop shyness. (see Shyness in children)
* MIDDLE CHILDREN ARE DIPLOMATS: Middle children usually become diplomats and peace makers who help the youngest and the eldest get along. In some cases The middle child might develop excessive jealousy of his siblings and then grow up thinking that he is not loved or overlooked (see Jealousy between siblings)
* MIDDLE CHILDREN CAN BECOME PROBLEM CHILDREN: If the middle child started becoming rebellious against the lack of attention he might turn into a problem child. Many people don't understand that the personality traits problem children develop result from the need of attention that they crave for.


Because of the little attention he gets the middle child might start to think that he is not worthy of being loved which is otherwise known as the MIDDLE CHILD SYNDROME.This feeling results in many problems that the middle child faces in his future because he always doubts whether people want him or not.In my article How birth order affects marriage and relationships i explained how A typical middle child might always question the love of his partner in a relationship as a result of feeling unloved.


In my article Can personality change I said that our childhood experiences shapes our personalities and determines who we are, however, the good news is that individual psychology which is my field of expertize is based upon the fact that whatever was learned in childhood can be unlearned in adulthood.If you have some of the middle child personality traits that i just mentioned and if you feel bad about them then know that you can certainly change them if you knew how to take the right steps.Personality analysis and psychology describe the final personality traits the person has reached but this doesn't mean that there is no more room for additional changes.lifecoach24 is not a complicated medical website nor a boring online encyclopedia but rather a place where you will find simple, to the point and effective information that is backed by psychology and presented in a simple way that you can understand and apply.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Maybe More Satisfied Employees Dont Perform Better After All

Maybe More Satisfied Employees Dont Perform Better After All
Contented employees perform well, unhappy ones don't. It seems simple enough. In fact, the association between "job satisfaction" and "job performance" has even been dubbed the "Holy Grail" of organisational psychology. But now Nathan Bowling at Wright State University, Ohio, has upset the party. His new analysis suggests the relationship between satisfaction and performance at work is largely spurious, with both factors having more to do with an employee's personality and self-esteem than they have to do with each other.Bowling re-examined five previous meta-analyses (papers that combine data from multiple studies) that controlled for the "Big Five" personality traits while examining the relationship between job satisfaction and performance. He also conducted a meta-analysis of his own, focusing on studies that controlled for organisation-based self-esteem and work locus of control. In all, these analyses involved data from thousands of staff at numerous different organisations.Organisation-based self-esteem refers to how valued workers believe themselves to be as an organisational member and is measured by agreement with statements like "I count around here". Meanwhile, work locus of control refers to the extent that staff believe they can control rewards in relation to their work, and is measured by agreement with statements like "People who perform their jobs well generally get rewarded".Bowling found that taking account of general personality traits and/or work locus of control both slightly reduced the relationship between job satisfaction and performance. Crucially, however, controlling for organisation-based self-esteem reduced the relationship between job satisfaction and performance to a level that, though statistically significant, was so small as to be practically meaningless."Organisational efforts to improve employee performance by exclusively targeting job satisfaction are unlikely to be effective," Bowling concluded.But Bowling warns this doesn't mean companies should ignore the job satisfaction of their staff. "Satisfied employees may still directly benefit the organisation through other means," he said."Bowling, N.A. (2007). Is the job satisfaction-job performance relationship spurious? A meta-analytic examination. Journal of Vocational Behaviour, 71, 167-185.


Sunday, 9 November 2014

Boy Advice Please Guys And Girls Answer Thanks

Boy Advice Please Guys And Girls Answer Thanks
I like my best guy friend and i flirt with him a lot, he flirts back too. He's departure out with the furthermost unloved girl in progression. My best friend likes him too, but she knows I like him and sh e's perfectly with it. Yearn for I understood whenever I flirt, he flirts back. I positively like him and he's liked me a binch of times beforehand. I've liked him a throng too, but it seems every time I like him, he doesn't like me and vice versa. I positively want him to reveal that I like him and I want to go out with him, but I don't reveal what to do. I think he would break up with his girlfriends for me, but I'm not unwavering, and I would feel bad for departure out with him equally my best friend still positively likes him too. Help! Any advice would be great! Thanks! = ) ~MakenzieBoy Wiles Please! Guys and Girls Answer Thanks!?this happens to me alot....if u friend realy is ur friend she will b happy for u.....keep his GF aint just about jus be lik ok i no u I assume ahead of no thi but i positively like works truuust me


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Things That Attract Man To Woman

Things That Attract Man To Woman
There are certain things that are going to attract a man to a woman. If you are a man and you are wondering what you can do to make yourself more attractive to a woman, you need to pay attention. You have to check this out so that you have what it takes to draw in a woman and keep her interested in you. Being able to attract a woman is going to be the first step in building a great relationship.

1) Dress for Success

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you are keeping up with your appearance. Women want to have a man that looks a certain way. They want to have a man that takes pride in their appearance and wants to look good for them. However I am sure that a woman does not want to have a man that is too worried about what they looks. Pretty boys are not usually what most women want however there are a few that do like this type.

Make sure that your clothes and hair and everything about you makes you look attractive. Keep yourself groomed well and always make sure that you smell good. Women go crazy for men that smell nice.

2) Take Advantage of Her Senses

You need to make sure that you are appealing to her senses. This means you need to think about what you can do to make yourself more appealing to her through her senses. You need to have everything - from the way that you sound to the way that you touch her!

Make sure that you talk in the voice that melts her from time to time. Again having the right fragrance is going to make her feel good about you too. Clothing and appearance will take care of the sight sense and you need to make sure that you keep up on the sense of touch. Give her comfort and hold her when you should and make her feel loved by the way that you touch her.

3) Make her Dream about You

Give her a reason to think about you. Whatever it is make sure that you leave an impression in her mind. It can be anything from the way that you talk to her, the affection that you show her or the little things that you do to make her happy.

Whatever it is make sure that she can never take her mind off of you. This will make her feel good and you will be able to have her in the palm of your hands all the time.

4) Make her the Center of your Universe

Treat her like she is the most important thing in your life. Of course she should be but you need to show her. Focus your attention on her and block out any distractions. This means a night out with the guys, a good looking waitress, sweet looking ride on the road or anything else that may grab your attention from her.

You want to make sure that you are giving her your full attention and making sure that she knows that she is the only thing that matters when you are together. Even when you are not together, let her know that you are thinking about her. Text her or give her a brief call from time to time. Let her know that you are always thinking of her and that you want to let her know that.

5) Flirting never hurts

Do not be afraid to flirt with her. This will make her feel sexy and good. You should never flirt with anyone else though. This will usually only make her mad and you may end up getting in a lot of trouble if you do this. Let her know that you are attracted to her.

6) STOP - Listen

Listening to a woman is going to get you far. If you are trying to win the heart of someone, you need to pay attention. Make sure that you listen to everything that she is saying and be sure to make eye contact with her. This will make her feel good and she will defiantly be attracted to you for this.

7) Take an Interest in Her Life

Women love men that take an interest in what they are doing and what they are feeling. Make sure that you are giving them a reason to want to hang out with them. Do the things that she likes to do and spend time getting to know her better. This is something that you will want to do so that she knows that you are interested in her and what she is doing in life. Ask her that her hobbies are and what she likes to do for fun.

8) Honesty IS the Best Policy

Women like men that are honest and sincere. Do not lie to her. This will only get you in trouble. You need to make sure that you are doing what you need to in order to keep the lines of communication open and never make anything up or lie to her. Give her a reason to trust you and never let her down in this way. You may never regain her trust if you do.

When you are serious about getting a woman to be attracted to you all of these techniques will help you. Use them to your best interest and take advantage of the things that you can and make sure that you are keeping all of your intentions good when you are trying to make a woman fall in love with you.

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