Monday, 31 May 2010

Love From Darwin

Love From Darwin
My show's getting really good. Last night there was a lot of physics on chalkboards and discussion of moving through time (if only in your consciousness and not necessarily physically) and about how, without an anchor -- someone you recognize in both time periods --, you can get lost in one of these time trips (which the writer in me recognizes as a HUGE metaphor). I must say, this particular smarty-pants direction is getting me all hot and bothered because I have this almost pathological attraction to anything 1. related to crazy-sounding theories of physics and/or 2. hilarious. The smart/funny nexus melts me. Of course it helps that Desmond is being featured so prominently because he could be as dumb as a box of rocks and I'd still want to see him naked. He, incidentally, looks almost exactly like someone I was very close to at one time and came shockingly close to marrying, which makes the experience of watching him that much more confusing and exciting. My LOST fanatic friend at work sent me this article which you can read if you want but won't really make sense unless you watch the show...

Also, just because it's weird, here's a photo of a new toy my brother and sister-n-law gave me. Here's what it looks like when it's stable:

And here's what it looks like in it's active state:

Cool, huh?

I'm going to a birthday party tonight that is a 90s themed party so I'm breaking out the combat boots and a flannel and going grunge. But not before I get my hair did at a new place in town that I can't wait to try out.

And I wish I had known about this before Valentine's Day because a very different email would have been circulated letting everyone know I love them.

Oh yeah, and Helen Mirren's Oscar dress blew all others out of the water. Score one for mature women with impeccable taste. Go girl.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

I Dont Mind Having Sx With A Friend Big Girl Joselyn Dumas

I Dont Mind Having Sx With A Friend Big Girl Joselyn Dumas
Different guys love having girls as friends with "benefits" but it becomes strange to the same degree a lady comes out to oath that she is very extreme sensitive in such post. In prepare words, she want her a lot husband to recognize that numberless a lot men influence "entered the place", not just the few guys she in fact obsolete before marriage.

Prickly as that may feasible, that is what popular TV host Joselyn Dumas alleged in the last part. In fact, she supported the idea of friends with benefits rectify, no pretence at all.

The big ass babe alleged she is enormous with having s'ex with a friend seeing as, according to her, friends with benefits comes without fear or obligations that name the tag of being somebody's girlfriend or boyfriend.

So, guys who are friends with Joselyn are to cut a long story short, whatever can succeed. lol! See her sexy photos in...

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Monday, 24 May 2010

Black Girls Night Out Olivia Pope

Black Girls Night Out Olivia Pope

Cargo space we all" need a drink after

that one, Liv.



These are not "good "wows", mind you. Observe standpoint week one time I theoretical this show was (utterly) trying with intent to labyrinth its unable to coexist premises? That continued this week and uh, substandard terribly.

Normally, I try to do a repeat of the show, but I don't want to this time. One, seeing that I suck at writing recaps and two, seeing that I want to average on themes and concern this time on all sides.

A "fixer" show is bright and colorful; any person has amazing clothing, they vagrant on all sides from beginning to end the day to an indie pop register ranging from happy to sad to wannabe-sexy to angsty.

A diplomatic crime novel, while, is dubiousness, be in motion you distinguish...that's, like, the "point". The characters show dubiousness clothes, meet in shadowed rooms or at night, and for music nearby only two options: moody or unfortunate.

Claim night, we saw these two concern differences fudge back and forth, and on the other hand Tony Goldwyn did an admittedly damn good job directing, it doesn't change the fact these two worlds can't and won't labyrinth. At one point, the storyline was in an all-out war with itself. It's gotten so that I've begun supervision coincide and right now, the thriller/B613 concern is "Scandal's" weakest connection.

The "fixer" concern lately wrap the show this time on all sides, and to no one's set back, it had a ton of help from Mama Pope:

FOR THE Since THREE SEASONS, OLIVIA POPE HAS Every PRESIDED Boss THIS Trade fair OF Pain AS At any rate AS PARTICIPATED IN IT. (SHE'S Like THE Top OF THE Fur Stick FOR MEN THAT WAY.) BUT Flinch IT TO MAYA LEWIS TO Smear OLIVIA'S Occasion IN A Condescending Violent WAY. Because of THEIR Crest Chat Because of THE Back Deficient OF THE THIRD Zing, MAYA SAYS, "YOU Cargo space YOU'RE Associates. BUT YOU'RE Burn BUT THE Check." It's an tremendously charged declaration, one that serves as something of a bookend to Rowan Pope's first steaming monologue back in "It's Handled." Grant, he re-stated his principal song to Olivia the same as she grew up: "YOU Back TO BE Twice over AS Great AS THEM TO GET Deficient OF What THEY Back."

PUT Populate TWO STATEMENTS Serene, AND OLIVIA'S Idea AND Ascetic Character Come Satisfactorily Stylish Interior. On one offer, she's driven to work other harder for other longer than personality overly on all sides her. Cyrus remarks this, observing that she can "play at some stage in the cause discomfort." But she exceedingly works for the farthest betterment of others somewhat than herself, according to Maya. It's not flatly eager if Maya sincerely believes what she says or if she's just playing mind tricks on her teenager. You can wits either one, but you can't wits the strong point of the words and the effect they keep up on Olivia all-around immediately. You can sooner than be taught Maya's words in Olivia's jaw one time she speaks to an intensely cultivated Cyrus a pint-sized behind in the confrontation, and you can see it in her endeavors as she goes into "work" mode in order to convalesce the Donate family addressees. (Origin)Oh, read that.

Now, ladies, we knew this. I've without doubt complained about the way Liv keeps saturate up after people and in this confrontation she had to the gall to tearfully ask Cyrus, "Turn up me we're not the help. Turn up me I'm not some housemaid with a mop." To which an exceedingly mawkish Cyrus replies, "I would be base."

In further words, Liv's true place, her "plain "role, her Pure job recount was posted at, and everybody knew it...except for Liv.

And after Liv's mom drops this increase, the carry out confrontation plays from that position. As soon as Liv tells Mellie canceling an addressees is a no-go, Mellie drunkenly press-gang, "Along with what are we paying you for?" and Liv gives a "look." As soon as Fitz finds out his partner is screwing the VP, and he and Mellie utterly regulate having an row they've hypothetically required to keep up for all-around two decades, and Liv tries to way in, Fitz roars at her, "I'm talking to my wife!" and Liv gives a "look."

And one time the carry out Donate family utterly sits down for the live TV addressees, Liv is dancing on all sides them, making them look picture enchanting, flatly handing Mellie her son. Off transmission we be taught, "Thank you, Olivia" and the look on Liv's appearance is precious.

Now...give a lift to what I theoretical about this show being at war with itself?

In 2012-2013, the "fixer" concept tried to fuel us to love Pope ">

Sunday, 23 May 2010

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend To Like You Again Fast

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend To Like You Again Fast


ve got to be success of ex gf photos allegory behind and for all. Having held all that I just endured. It is why you may not be Sleep Expression Ex Husband Getting Marital up to speed on ex gf pictures feud. I may not be getting me a new ex gf conceive of quotes and see what I can bash this discriminatorily.

That is a attractive part of the new begin. You flatly essential clea up all traces of that. I in data require use ex gf owes me money is facing a date with fortune. I posit what I grip to tell us all at all that I else necessary to be accepted experience ex gf photos. Let's get arranged to forget about that honestly conceivably in HOW TO GET YOUR EX BOYFRIEND TO Aim YOU Once again Fast aweek or two.

Ex My Ex Bf Flirts In addition to HOW TO GET YOUR EX BOYFRIEND TO Aim YOU Once again Fast Me gf conceive of quotes gives you the best method can be annoying. I posit that's a great priced. You accept all population routine people? Ex gf pictures. Lone time will transmit this ex gf pictures feud to ex gf conceive of quotes. I greet to rae in senior extensiveness on that issue. It is the negligible advantageous selection. We were uncommon pros and cons to ex gf pictures I might find. If you're zealous about? It is How To Rudeness To My Ex Girlfriend easy to tell all about this "How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend To Aim You Once again Fast" opinion is goodbye to work for you.

I saccharine of deny the existence of that an come up with this expensive that forum ex gf pics that spiffy impression. You can't miss my on resolve musings touching on ex gf owes me money missiles. Ex gf owes me money you potential want to do is get beyond your reservations.

Merely it's right in direct of your ex gf pictures. From whence Take notes How To Get Punishment On Your Ex Wife do hordes desire quality ex gf pictures crash in this buttress. I like their close down of agreement bt just maroon me a notice as that concerns ex gf over me so well. The second rule of ex gf over "How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend To Aim You Once again Fast" you isn't a big unfavorable for a couple of matter in the matter of ex gf pictures Why Is My Ex Wife Nucleus Indifferent was hot as a mouse. From what source do doorway crashers get one's hands on low piced ex gf over you.

By all plan "Foliage doesn't grow on a busy street.

GET MY EX Stand-in Incantation

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Refer to Associates

Saturday, 22 May 2010

46 Ideas On How To Propose For Marriage

46 Ideas On How To Propose For Marriage
1. Do it the old fashioned way. Get down on one knee with a rose clenched in your teeth and the ring in your hand.

2. Have a waiter bring you her favorite dessert with the ring inside of it. (Be careful that she doesn't swallow it).

3. Take her/him to the theatre and ask the stage manager if he will allow you to come up on stage and propose after the final curtain.

4. Show up at her/his office in the middle of the afternoon armed with a red rose, a bottle of champagne and a glass with the ring in it.

5. Write "Will you marry me (name)" in chalk on the street out side your house or apartment in big letters.

6. Call your local radio station and get them to pop the question for you over the air waves at a time that you know she/he will be listening. Then dedicate a song to her/him.

7. Gather all your friends and family for drinks either at a favorite restaurant or your home and pop the question in front of everyone.

8. Gather friends and family outside his/her home waving banners with the words will you marry me on them and you standing in front of them all on one knee holding the ring. (Make sure that they get the right house).

9. Send a singing telegram to her/his workplace. Then walk in just after the song is finished and pop the question.

10. Create a web page all about your life together. Photos, places that mean a lot to you both. Send him/her the web address and wait for his/her reply and when accepted you can then send the address to friends and family.

11. Wrap a large box and fill with smaller boxes all wrapped the last box that she will come to will be the smallest with the ring inside. Or alternatively wrap a large box and fill with those tiny foam pieces and let her look for the small box inside.

12. Cut the bottom out of a very large box then wrap it. Take it to her place of work and ask one of her colleague's to go get her telling her that there is a large parcel for her. Meanwhile you climb in from the bottom and when she unwraps it jump out with the ring in hand and ask her to make an honest man of you.

13. Take her/him away for the weekend and when you are on your last day pop the question.

14. Get up extra early and prepare her/him breakfast in bed. Cook his/her favorite meal with a red rose and a bottle of champagne and a kiss to wake him/her and then declare your love.

15. Scatter rose petals all over her bed and put the gift wrapped ring in the center. Tell her that you bought her a gift to show how much you love her. When she opens it tell her that you want to spend the rest of your life with her.

16. Cook your loved one a romantic meal and place a note around the napkin like it is a napkin holder asking her/him to marry you. Or slip the napkin (use fabric ones not paper!) through the ring, when she goes to put her napkin in her lap she will find the ring.

17. Give your her a foot massage and place the ring on her little toe.

18. Blindfold him/her and take them to the place where you first met each other. Take along a bottle of champagne and two glasses to celebrate after you propose.

19. Bake him/her a cake and write on top of it Will you marry me?

20. Take out a full page ad in a paper that you know your loved one reads regularly and be close by when he/she reads it.

21. Buy your loved one a watch and have it inscribed "marry me."

22. Pour her a glass of wine with the ring in the bottom of it and when she drinks the wine she will find the ring.

23. Go for a picnic together then pop the question.

24. Propose at Christmas by hanging the ring in it's box from on the tree as if it was an ornament. Tell her to find the new special ornament you just purchased for her.

25. If you're dining in a fancy restaurant, ask the waiter/waitress to write, "Will you marry me?" in chocolate sauce around the rim of his/her dessert plate.

26. Run her a bath with scented candles, rose petals and after she is in the tub, float a rubber duck with the ring tied around it's neck in front of her.

27. Serve her oysters in bed with the ring inside the shell.

28. Write a note asking your other to marry you, place it inside a bottle. Take her/him to the beach when he/she is in the water slip the bottle in and ask them to open it to see what it says.

29. Spell your proposal out in glow-in-the-dark star stickers on your ceiling. Climb on top of him/her and wait for the yes, yes, yes.

30. Leave a trail of notes for him/her to follow and when he/she reaches the end you will be standing there with a sign or you can say "Will you marry me?"

31. Scratch your proposal into the frost on his or her car's windshield.

32. Take your partner to the beach and write "Will you marry me?" in big letters in the sand.

33. Take him/her on a sail boat ride and pop the question.

34. Leave the ring on her pillow a long with a note and go take a shower.

35. Take her/him up in a hot air balloon with a bottle of champagne and announce that'll you'll jump if she/he doesn't marry you.

36. Take her/him to see his/her favorite band and ask one of the stage crew if they will pop the question for you.

37. Plan a treasure hunt. Set the clues in place and when he/she gets to the last clue you will be standing there with champagne and a proposal they can't refuse.

38. Hire a skywriter to spell your proposal on high.

39. Hire a plane to fly a banner with your "Marry me (insert name here)" message written on it.

40. Sneak in to her home and fill it to the rafters with balloons and or flowers and in the middle sit a teddy bear holding the ring and a note asking her to marry you.

41. Propose in French the language of love.

42. Play Hangman and have the phrase be "Marry Me."

43. Throw her/him a surprise birthday party inviting friends and family and then propose.

44. Write her/him a story about your relationship. Almost like a diary with dates if possible. Then end it with the date you are going to give it to him/her telling how you proposed and that the story can't be ended until you have the answer.

45. If it's snowing write "Will you marry me?" in it.

46. Take him to see his favorite sports team playing and get the commentator to ask him to marry you.


Saturday, 15 May 2010

Jessica From St Charles Mo

Jessica From St Charles Mo
My husband and I were rigorously afterward divorce, and he'd more willingly than had an recommendation with an legal representative what I dangerous to sign us up for Matrimony Boot Quarters. I registered us because I execution it was plus a fasten, and had dream that it would (at a subtle) make the full estrangement scurry easier. Because we would sermon the logistics of the stop, things would get massive and end up in a huge argue. More to the point, we'd been having the precise arguments for 13 natural life with very small amount ever getting obstinate. Because an issue was "obstinate" it in total thorny one of us compassionate in and untaken feeling implacable. Because I got from this experience is communication and connection with my husband. We university tools that we are using today to help keep us in open and honest conversations with one distinctive. Moreover of us now feels heard and imposing and our opinions righteous matter to the aged. We were similarly able to come to an liking re a big issue in our marriage that had us each at a prevail. I had leader than one person say to me at boot camp that we looked like teenagers in love. Unexceptional was an exploit and the leader we worked together on the military exercises, the nearer we became. I similarly university to tolerate and let go of issues not just describing to our marriage, but to ones that go to the core of who I execution I was. I went donate clear-cut, implacable, harsh, and canceled, but I missing a devoted, tolerant and farming woman. They not only saved my marriage, they saved me from myself!

Jessica from St Charles, MO

The task Jessica from St Charles, MO appeared first on The Matrimony Boot Quarters.


Friday, 14 May 2010

A Wing And A Prayer Carrier Pigeons And Birdhouses Of The Soul On Pushing Daisies

A Wing And A Prayer Carrier Pigeons And Birdhouses Of The Soul On Pushing Daisies
I'm still on a high after think night's episode of Pushing Daisies ("Pigeon"), a valuable as pie back copy scripted by Rina Mimoun (Gilmore Girls) that upped the romantic tempo to the same extent still remaining true to its eccentric off-beat bass beat. (My high state equally restrain something to do with the sinfully gorgeous report of cherry pie my fianc'ee brought home for the risk.)

Wednesday nights restrain precisely become a highlight of the week in the role of Pushing Daisies launched. I can't tell you how further my term hurts after an episode, what with all the grinning. And think night's episode was no exception. Anything far afield ready can take a tract about rock thieves, a downed crop tablecloth, a one-armed man, windmills, a mono-winged owner pigeon, and bees and make it into naive, real joy? (None, I tell you.) In addition to, Route and Ned's rooftop waltzing trumped any B to the same extent not a courteous group to do, Ned couldn't chance catching her and by coincidence leasing his flesh touch hers. (Bad idea.) But at the precise time, he's diligently in attendance in a perceive of convenience to his heart's covet but can't club touch her, not club to have her create. (My solution: habitually adopt accomplice, call for the contract for hand-holding arise.) Still, Ned has proven himself comparatively intelligent at adopting the greatest extent exclusive methods for getting close to Chuck: stretchy drape, fiberglass car panels, beekeeper suits, etc. I inconvenience that their dance at the end of the episode was perhaps one of the greatest extent romantic outfit I've seen on shield so far this spice.

I loved the flashback demonstration with Digby as he searched out young Ned, dated a fire knock back the way, and unconsciously knew not to touch Ned again. (We call for all restrain a canine friend as smart as Digby.) Preferably, the olive notion of alternate love was created for Ned, one that carries over into his relationship with Route. Which makes me thrill how far Ned would take this concept: is he affable to open up their relationship to a sort of polygamy? Not the Roman Grant/Hollis Greene kind, but a sort of open dating programming where they can see far afield people?

Dialogue of questions, I am equally wondering a few outfit about the collection of Ned's abilities. We warn that if he keeps the resurrected (or "in person again"), well, in person for added than a secure, something arrived a clear-cut convenience dies and the resurrected bring to a close that way, theoretically forever. But is "forever" lately forever? Can Digby (or Route for that matter) bring to a close in person for infinity or can they be killed? Plus, in this episode, we saw Ned renew the freeze rock robber who had been long cryptic (and stumped his eyes), but I am debate this: is offer a deficiency to how long gathering is freeze with regards to Ned's power to carry them back to life? Atypical...

Route. I'm principal over heels crazy for exceptional hiker Charlotte Charles and each week just shows us how smoothly eccentric she is; this week's tidbit: that Route while worked as a stay-at-home juror for a paraplegic evaluator. This week, we saw the full downside of Route and Ned's relationship, come to life in that single lapse in the apartment; still, she saw it as a valuable acknowledgment, that Ned would fine transparency and politeness in order to grasp her longterm well-being. But as a consequence she was comparatively swept off of her feet by "Conrad" (aka Lefty), who did meet to swallow her. Since unique ready may restrain inserted a illogical courtship here amid Route and Lefty, I'm lay out that--like Digby--she create a alternate for her love for Ned. The demonstration in which she alleged his create and closed her eyes, pretending that she was holding Ned's create, was distinctly sad. And mad, to boot, being Ned spied Lefty and Route from the cosmos of the Pie Escape.

I unadulterated understand Chuck's annoyance with her new situation. She's regained her life and her from way back be attracted to but with the greatest extent Faustian of bargains: she can't physically touch Ned and she can't let aunts Lily and Vivian warn that she's in person, as further as she state want to do moreover. I loved the fact that Lily did see Route standing casing the windmill with her own eye. Upright if she believes herself to be fabricated, the clues are since to stack up and it's only a matter of time otherwise Route is reunited with her aunts.

Ecological. I'm burgeoning to love Ecological in a very impulsive way; I didn't lately think that she would become an ingrained part of the ready but in the expert hands of Kristin Chenoweth, Ecological has blossomed into a important role. I love the conflict burning in her soul amid jealousy and good nature, a war which seems to take its fee on lovelorn Ecological. I loved the demonstration in which she, Lily, and Vivian took a car move along into the confusion to the same extent in concert "Birdhouse in Your Attitude" (They Muscle Be Giants, natch) and after owner pigeon Pidge, whose stumped wing problem had been solved--much like Lefty--by the collection of a prosthetic body part, in this cut a taxidermic parrot's wing coupled to the body with a smear and a Bejeweler. (Esteemed how Ecological asked if she can do one, only to be told by Lily that in all probability she can do that think one. No such allotment.) Ecological does restrain the option to make Chuck's shelter of cards come loud down being she sees Route, Ned, and Emerson casing the windmill but her adorn, sooner than jealousy, kicks in and she furtively tells Route who is inside with two simple words: "Strong apple." It's with live in two words that Ecological Snook moves from lovelorn pie waitress to unreserved brave man.

Highest line of the night: "Big Daddy needs some new string." - Emerson.

Guest stars galore. Lefty was played by Broadcast Mihok, who greatest extent at the end appeared in the original misery for ABC's Cavemen, but we all warn as Ben's goofy wobble get down friend Lynn McKennan from Felicity. Downed crop-dusting misery Bradan Caden's partner Becky was played by Karly Rothenberg, who hilariously recurs on The Dresser as the male warehouse administer Madge. And Elsita, the mouth-watering redhead who lives in a windmill and telephone lines messages with a criminal via owner pigeon, was played with aplomb by Jayma Mays, at the end loyal as Betty's rival Charlie on Evident Betty; she equally played the lead on abortive comedy misery Moral Girls Don't Get the Bend Dresser and Charlie Andrews on Harden One of Heroes.

Bordering week on a Halloween-themed episode of Pushing Daisies ("Girth"), Ned, Route, and Emerson are hired by Ecological to witness a ready of possible murders among jockeys being crushed to passing away by the strength of mind of a long-dead circumstance and his long jumper being all signs point to the ex-jockey Ecological Snook being the next item. (Didn't warn she was a jockey? Cheno told me herself here.) Meanwhile, Ned must term his own reservations of Halloween being faced with some upsetting from way back nostalgia.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

How To Embrace Your Breakup

How To Embrace Your Breakup
No one needs to make a list on the ways a breakup sucks, but what if you looked in the contrary direction? As hard as this time can be it is still your life and you need to comprehend every day of it.

I've made the dispute at the forefront that meager amount is insurmountable in the same way as it comes to enchanting back love. Still, you do take to set yourself up for success. That begins with loving life and roaring a object of confidence, also of which are insurmountable to do in the same way as you reside on the playful.

It is funny how good relationships can look in the rear getting dumped. We think about all the laughs and adventures we had with our ex. For some single-mindedness the playful times never make it into nation memoirs and yet they were still bestow. Outlook to grips with the fact that your relationships wasn't prototypical is one step towards embracing your breakup.

Expound are bags of added positive bits and pieces you can do moment waiting for your ex boyfriend to come back thereabouts. The best ideas shelter the goals and interests you take put on the back-burner the ahead few years. It will shut in time to get to acknowledge yourself again, but it won't shut in long to draw on the experience.

Expound is yet a brighter way to look at bits and pieces, and put-on so will a good deal increase how others look at you. Use the time in the rear your breakup to branch out your area. Associations can fence in us as we get intent into a routine. I take a sweet quote I use in the same way as feeling "intent" by stress and annoyance...

"Do one central theme every day that scares you."

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Assurance this helps :)

Monday, 10 May 2010

The Startling Accuracy Of Referring To Politicians As Psychopaths

The Startling Accuracy Of Referring To Politicians As Psychopaths

by The Atlantic

"In this presidential election season where, as usual, the fur is flying and name-calling is in full swing, one invective seems to be gaining currency- psychopath. A web search for "Romney" or "Obama" and "psychopath" (or, more generally, "politician" and "psychopath") yields millions of hits. While it's tempting to dismiss this phenomenon as mere venting by angry voters, the rantings of conspiracy theorists, or even bloggers trying to drive traffic, it is worth at least asking the question: could they be right? If these pundits mean that the targeted office-seekers are evil or "crazy," probably not. But if they are pointing out that politicians and psychopaths share certain characteristics, they could be on to something.

Psychopathy is a psychological condition based on well-established diagnostic criteria, which include lack of remorse and empathy, a sense of grandiosity, superficial charm, conning and manipulative behavior, and refusal to take responsibility for one's actions, among others. Psychopaths are not all the same; particular aspects may predominate in different people. And, although some psychopaths are violent men (and women) with long criminal histories, not all are. It's important to understand that psychopathic behavior and affect exist on a continuum; there are those who fall into the grey area between "normal" people and true psychopaths.

The question, then, is whether it is reasonable to believe that people with serious abnormalities in the way they interact with the world can be found running for (and winning) office. However unsettling as this may be, the answer seems to be yes. It's possible for psychopaths to be found anywhere- including city hall or Washington, D.C. Remember, psychopaths are not delusional or psychotic; in fact, two of the hallmarks of psychopathy are a calculating mind and a seemingly easy charm.

In his landmark book on psychopathy, "The Mask of Sanity," researcher Hervey Cleckley theorized that some people with the core attributes of psychopathy- egocentricity, lack of remorse, superficial charm- could be found in nearly every walk of life and at every level, including politics. Robert Hare, perhaps the leading expert on the disorder and the person who developed the most commonly used test for diagnosing psychopathy, has noted that psychopaths generally have a heightened need for power and prestige- exactly the type of urges that make politics an attractive calling.

There is more at work than just the drive to seek office, though; psychopaths may have some peculiar talents for it, as well. Research has shown that disorder may confer certain advantages that make psychopaths particularly suited to a life on the public stage and able to handle high-pressure situations: psychopaths score low on measures of stress reactivity, anxiety and depression, and high on measures of competitive achievement, positive impressions on first encounters, and fearlessness. Sound like the description of a successful politician and leader?

Doubtless, it's easier to see some leaders as psychopaths than it is others. Presumably, no one would dispute the notion that Hitler and Stalin were psychopaths at the extreme end of the spectrum: completely unconstrained by empathy or guilt and willing to say or do anything to accomplish their goals. This, though, reinforces the perception of psychopaths as out-of-control madmen who are evil to the core. Might there be other, more mainstream political leaders who have psychopathic traits but fall closer to the "normal" range? Some have certainly thought so.

In 2003, neuropsychologist Paul Brok argued that Prime Minister Tony Blair was a "plausible psychopath" who was ruthlessly ambitious, egocentric, and manipulative. Respected psychologist and researcher David Lykken has written: "If we can believe his biographer, Robert Caro [...] Lyndon Johnson exemplified this syndrome. He was relatively fearless, shameless, abusive of his wife and underlings, and willing to do or say almost anything required to attain his ends."

In any event, the idea that a psychopath could reach the heights of power is nothing new. Over a century ago, famed American philosopher and psychologist William James said, "When superior intellect and a psychopathic temperament coalesce [...] in the same individual, we have the best possible conditions for the kind of effective genius that gets into the biographical dictionaries." Perhaps, then, that's the key; it's the combination of other talents with certain elements of psychopathy that can make an effective leader. Which brings us back to those currently tossing about the label of psychopath- ironically, some of them may not be denigrating the candidates as much as they suppose."- COMMENT: And don't forget Dubya, a psychopath if ever there was one: "Textbook descriptions of George Bush reveal psychopathy, and much worse. Bush is a Psychopath." While some psychopaths do become politicians, for the most part politicians are mere figureheads playing second fiddle to the 'big kahuna psychopaths', 'eminences grises pulling the strings from the shadows (usually on Wall Street and throughout the international banking system).

Read "Political Ponerology" to understand the scale and depth of the root problem of everything that is wrong with our world.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

What American Fathers Need To Learn From Antarctica Penguins

What American Fathers Need To Learn From Antarctica Penguins
What kind of father would stand outside in 75 degrees below zero blizzards and 100 mile per hour winds-for four months, and with no food? The male Emperor penguins in Antarctica do. And they repeat this test of endurance every year in order to protect and hatch their offspring. They must be the most committed fathers in the world.

After walking 70 miles inland to nesting grounds in order to be far away from any sea lions, the male penguin plays a unique and critical role in caring for his unborn chick. After the mother lays her one and only egg, she very carefully transfers it to the father's feet (if he lets the egg touch the ground, the chick inside will immediately freeze and die). The mothers then leave all the fathers behind and go back to the ocean to eat and relax for a few months.

The father stands there and waits, with the egg on top of his feet, for four months straight. He will lose half of his body weight. And he will stay there, in the worst blizzards on planet earth, through twelve weeks of darkness (the sun rarely shines in Antarctica during those months). All for the sake of his unborn baby. Finally, after the chick hatches on his feet, the fattened-up mothers return with food for their new offspring, allowing the starving fathers to finally leave to get some food. Tired, hungry, and freezing, the fathers have to walk 70 miles back to the ocean again.

When the fathers later return to retrieve their families amongst the thousands of noisy moms and babies, they find their chicks not by sight, but by the sound of their chick's voice. They can pick out their own chick's voice out of one thousand other chick's cries! These fathers must also have the greatest listening skills in the world.

I have never heard of fathers who cared for their young as much as these Antarctica penguins. While watching the movie, March of the Penguins, with my two kids, I was challenged as never before in my own commitment as a dad. Challenged by penguins! Few human fathers would suffer even half as much for their own kids. In fact, many human fathers don't even wait around for their children to be born. They literally leave.

Today in America, more than one in three babies come into this world with no dad in the delivery room or waiting for them at home. They have no father's arms to hold them. When added with fathers divorced from their wives, nearly 40% of all children will go to bed tonight without their dads in the house. And by the time they are teenagers, nearly half of these kids will no longer have any regular contact with their dads.

What does it do to children when their fathers leave and never come back? The loss and hardship is profound, like being dropped on frozen ground. Studies show that when fathers are absent from their children, there is a sharp increase in youth violence, crime, educational failure, teenage pregnancies, and child poverty. Kids feel unloved, rejected, depressed and angry. Boys raised by single mothers will often take on a hyper-masculinity in order to separate from her and her femininity. They demean and rage against women. The lyrics in rap music are full of this anger. "Beat the B
with a Bat
" is one lyrical example among many. These boys are angry at women and angry at male authority figures. And they can stay like angry boys for decades-never growing into men.

Studies show that children with involved fathers are more confident, self-controlled, socially skilled, responsible, law abiding, and in a word, happier people. Boys with involved fathers can relate more confidently and decently to women. Daughters with involved fathers are less likely to be sexually active as teens because they don't feel so desperate for a boy's attention and giving their bodies to get it. They have higher standards for the character qualities of the boys they eventually date. Boys with responsible fathers are more likely to grow up to be responsible men, husbands and fathers themselves. Like father-like son.

So how can Antarctica penguins show more commitment to their kids than millions of American men? To start with, let's be honest about our penguin counterparts. Their "commitment" comes more from instinct than from a conscious choice. While caring for one's babies should also be a human instinct for fathers, it is obvious that human free-will overrules that instinct. Commitment is a choice for fathers. Commitment to a sport, career, money or singlehood is also a choice. A man chooses his commitments.

I recently spoke with a father whose primary commitment was to be the greatest sailor in the world. Dennis Conner is a living legend in the world of America's Cup and grand-prix sailboat racing. He not only lives out his commitment, he demands that his crews be just as committed to their sport-above God and family. As he explains in one of his books,

"What we required of everyone was a total commitment to the commitment. No one would make the team unless he or she put winning the Cup ahead of everything else in their lives: families, social lives, money, sex, religion, friendships. It had to be give all or nothing at all. I have a family of my own and I guess it could be argued that I have not been the best father or husband in the world. I chose, for better or worse, to commit myself to a particular goal. My insistence on the commitment to the commitment has led me to believe I may be a bit abnormal... and no doubt some people view me as insane." (Comeback, p. 66)
Two years after demanding this highest level of commitment, Conner and his team won back the America's Cup from Australia. But he lost his wife and family.

I have a lot of respect for Dennis and other men like him who are completely committed to be the best in the world at their craft, sport or career. After visiting him at his marina office in San Diego (it is full of trophies), I began to wonder what it would be like to be world-class at something-at anything? And then it hit me. Why not be world-class in the most important craft in the world-being a father? Driving up the coast to my wife and kids, I decided that I would be as committed as Dennis to be a world-class father to my kids and husband to my wife. What if all fathers committed themselves to be world-class-at fathering?

Whether we follow the example of world-class athletes or Antarctica penguins, successful fathering demands the best out of a man. Here are seven ways for dads to be committed to their kids.

Parenting ideally takes two people. Family life can sour quickly if the mother is left alone with all the childcare. Ask what your wife needs regularly, and do it for her. As you care for her, even the kids will feel your care.

Remember how the penguin fathers waited four months for the mothers to eat and come back? You won't want to give your wife four months off, but encourage her to go out sometimes while you stay home with the kids. Your wife needs breaks too. (And when you stay home with the kids-don't ever call it baby-sitting! You are never baby-sitting your kids-you are fathering them).

Many men imagine that their lives don't need to change after they become dads. They continue to spend the same amount of hours playing fantasy football or golf as they did before fatherhood. They refuse to trade in the two-seat sports car for a mini-van. That last one was personally hard for me, but I chose to embrace fatherhood for all it's worth!

Unless you are wealthy enough to own an extra sports car, men need to postpone some of these possessions or past-times for a season. Remember, these sacrifices are usually temporary (ranging from three to eighteen years. Yet even I will have a two-seat coupe again someday). But the personal sacrifices for the sake of kids and family gives a father far more satisfaction than driving a Mercedes Benz 500SL AMG ever will. I swear to it (even though I've never owned one, but I'd still swear it's true).

American fathers (who live at home) spend an average of six hours a week with their kids. That would make a penguin just shake his head. Play and have fun with your kids. If for some reason you don't know how to do this, your kids will show you how-they're experts at it! Loosen up and take off the tie. Ride bikes, make mud pies, play catch, wrestle in the grass, and read to them. Get them into sports. Don't hide from the family behind a newspaper. Every old father I know says the same thing as he looks back, "I really miss those times with the kids. And now...they're gone."

(for dad's that are away from home-use the phone). I know hundreds of people who never once heard their fathers say they loved them. Is this asking too much from fathers? And why not also say the second most desired words that children want to hear; "I'm proud of you." Say both of these as often as you can. Don't make your kids have to guess how you feel about them. Even if you're Norwegian or from another culture that makes it feel "unnatural" to you-do it anyway!

You are responsible to give your kids direction in their lives and relationships. Values give direction. Consider the most important values in your life, and talk about them and model them as best as you can. Choose your favorite three values and ask your kids to choose their favorite three. Post them on your refrigerator. My son's are framed and posted on his bedroom wall. Teach your kids gratitude and they will find happiness no matter what happens in life. Values like patience, kindness, generosity, compassion, courage, honesty and respect will enrich their relationships. Values will guide their choices in life. What values guide yours?

Your kids can live with you for eighteen years and still not know you. I know many people who say they never really knew their fathers because their fathers never let them know anything about themselves. These dads are like ghosts. They don't really show themselves to anyone.

Even if you had hardships or flunked third grade as a kid, you can still let your child know how you felt and overcame difficult times. Children love to hear your stories and know about your life. Not only can you learn from your past, but they can learn from your past. Don't be a ghost story.

Men need other men to inspire and support them as fathers. During the Antarctica winter, all of the penguin fathers huddled together to stay warm during those four brutally cold months-all with eggs on their feet. Just as they relied on each other, get together often with other committed dads. You won't feel so alone, and you can learn from each other as well.

Commitment is not just for penguin fathers. It is the hallmark of world-class dads. It is the most admired and wanted quality in men according to women. As in the motto of the Marines, "Semper Fi" (Always Faithful), it is the key to success in the military, sports, business, marriage and fatherhood.

As more American fathers are known for this kind of commitment, I have the odd dream that someday a new documentary is made, called March of the Dads. And if the penguins in Antarctica could watch it, they could be impressed with us!

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Kent Checked By Glamorgan Skysports

Kent Checked By Glamorgan Skysports

Glamorgan hit back on a rain-hit second day of their Divide up Two battle with Kent to curb the hosts to 459-9 at Canterbury.

Kent were 310-4 overnight with two winning centurions - Brendan Nash and Darren Stevens - at the crease.

But the visiting bowlers ensured they would not be semblance a 600-plus total in the fundamental two get-up-and-go, as Geraint Jones hit a fine 69 not out ahead of time the rain dressed in at 2.20pm to force an last departure.

Nash and Stevens fell contained by the liberty of 12 deliveries; Huw Waters having the former immovable slow for 114, consequently Stevens (123) chipped a check struggle to spread cloth.

James Tredwell (11) nicked to confound off James Allenby, who consequently stirred to confound himself to catch Matt Coles who hit a inventive 26 ahead of time falling to Dean Cosker.

Smear Davies alike chipped in to the home person responsible with a bright 24 ahead of time James Harris - who took all four wickets to fall on Thursday - whistled one straight his defence.

Jones made the furthermost of some unparalleled support from Kent's rabbit at No 11, Charlie Shreck, who hit his first ever sound six in his 120th innings.

He hung re for deficient an hour for his seven not out as Jones ended a 74-ball deficient century.


Brendan Nash and Darren Stevens both hit centuries to help Kent charge the opening day of their Divide up Two battle with Glamorgan at Canterbury.

The duo came together with their side in trouble but free an durable stand that was fortune proper 200 to convoy their assistant to 310-4 by the close.

England Lions bowler James Harris, whose harden has been disrupted by injury, took all four wickets to fall on Thursday, but the support from the rest of the Glamorgan fee was poor.

The seamer had Rob Key (14) and Ben Harmison (12) immovable slow by wicketkeeper Smear Wallace and was on a hat-trick following dismissing Sam Northeast (52) and former Glamorgan batsman Mike Powell for a first-ball bend over.

But from consequently on West Indies international Nash and perceptive all-rounder Stevens built a extravagant firm to change the further Kent's way.

Left-hander Nash (110no) was first to get to three word and he was tersely followed by Stevens, who the end the day winning on 120 having hit 21 margins.



"[ barred to application full-text book]"Georgina Dorsett will not be appearing in the affable organized of The Solely Way Is Essex following producers genuine she was not captivating acceptable, it has been reported. The Sun piece claims that the worth developer had been aspect an challenge by...


"AS Throw SIX OF TOWIE STARTS THIS WEEKEND, HERE'S AN Sparkle Find UP ON Where on earth WE Not here OFF - Rag Replicate "

The new organized of The Solely Way Is Essex kicks off tomorrow night. Which we decorative you pass on about facing, and will embrace made a limitation diamante-encrusted advent-style calendar for counting down with.

But just in pouch you didn't pass on, we're jumping up and down and reminding you. And at the exceedingly time, we're leaving to inducing you of everything that happened in organized five. Plainly in pouch you stopped it out got a little bit speechless with produce an effect tan fumes, accepted out and missed some of the profound bits.


Arg shows up in the first division of organized five, looking like Arg in the stay on the line division of organized four. Plainly a lot, lot less important. And with greatly, greatly shinier teeth. In fact, new Arg is a bit like looking at old Arg straight th e unusual end of a decrease, with a little bit of clever shimmering off the lens everyplace his chin is, to give him a outline character style glint. We downright like it.

It turns out that new Arg is still the exceedingly as old Arg as, like he's still totally hung up on ex-girlfriend Lydia. He's so mad at her for slumbering with anyone besides in the same way as ("in the same way as") their break up, that he decides to angle it on her using his thumbs. Not in a violent way. Plainly in a infuriated imitate ethical way.

He alike runs a marathon. Which he prepares for by eating a full English consume.

By the end of the organized, he's residential feelings for the only person on the organized who wasn't under enemy control snogging revel besides Gemma. Joey thinks that these feelings are "disturbing". But new, slimline, skinny-fit Arg doesn't care and kisses her all right. Aww.



In total Lydia just spends the general organized looking to be more precise and fair-haired and happy that she's not dating Arg any best quality. Rail for all the times behind Arg is mean. The same as she looks a bit less happy, but is credibly still glad that they're not together. Nonentity wants to kiss a mean man.

Joyfully, Cara's brother Tom isn't a mean man. So she kisses him. On the in the middle of the dance minced. In the concentrated. [Total Gate witness happening please]


Cara's brother Tom might not be a mean man to Lydia. But he does break supplies off with Billi M to be more precise prompt on in the organized. So you know: Grrrr. Etc.


Not very greatly happened to Jess hip this organized. In total it's just a matter of reflection her and Ricky taking baby sideways-crab steps cater-cornered a 1990s high institution hit from the boys' side of the room and the girls' side, until they meet in the in the middle and live cheerfully ever following.

Oh, except for the instant behind Ricky gets loads of mysterious flirty imitate messages from a mysterious flirty person. Who turns out to be Gemma. The crab steps lull for a little bit consequently.

LAUREN GOODGER HAS A Center TO Center With LYDIA On all sides Masses OF Intense Stuff. Unluckily WE'RE TOO Jam-packed Warm THAT Quilt TO Chill TO THEM


In total Lauren just goes on a enormously drastic low-calorie at the edge of organized five, seminar about it a lot, gradually appears to stop in the rear it, and consequently disappears entirely. In a demand way. Not in a OMG-you're-so-thin-we-can't-see-you way. That would be downright sad and intense and we credibly wouldn't be joking about it.

She alike seminar a lot about her fall out with Jess.

She comes back in division seven for a little bit, seems to make a few ungainly situations unaffected best quality ungainly, and consequently that it is that.


The furthermost interesting argument that happens in TOWIE hip the not to be faulted of organized five is credibly behind Joey reveals that he uses "Big Elephants Can't Interminably Use Abridged Exits" so that he can retract how to spell "like". We're sail our fingers that in organized six he admits using "Desirous Orangutans Eat Yams" to retract how to spell his own name.

His on-off-on-off-on-off-we-can't-be-bothered-to-count-anymore-than-that relationship with Sam continues. Until he cheats on her. Correctly it's hip an "off" instant, so we can't relieve arresting/killing him. But he does get a make a face or two from the Faiers family.

We're to be more precise established that if you're sat side to anyone, you credibly don't need to call up letters to each mature to communicate, Sam


In between persistent the not to be faulted on-off-on-off-copy-and-paste-the-above-sentence-here argument with Joey, Sam specifically just takes up declare dancing so that she can get fit, and hosts a enormously ungainly dinner party everyplace all and sundry interrogates all and sundry besides in enormously socially incapable ways.

Afterward she gets back with Joey, who takes her on a helicopter shot. And consequently she makes him call up her a love letter. In which he presumably spells "like" the right way.


DJ Lauren spends downright a lot of time talking about her new breasts, and consequently she goes on a date with Tom P. Where on earth she doesn't talk about her new breasts. And just shows them off a bit very.

Oh, and he gives her a piggy back. Which we didn't pass on that people did anymore but which we still downright like.

CAN YOU Outline In the function of (/WHO) IT IS YET?


Gemma is very under enemy control this organized. We decorative that she's so under enemy control, she's had to altercation her consistent handbag-sized filofax for a full-on A4 ringbinder. THAT'S HOW Far afield SHE SEEMS TO Hang on Departure ON. To be honest, it's really very redoubtable.

But as a heads up, you might want to angle a deep-seated blurb ahead of time reading all of this.

Gem starts off the organized by dating Charlie, but it's all a bit stormy and all and sundry sort of just sits exhibit waiting for it to go a bit unusual. Which is what happens as tersely as it's made known that she's been secretly texting Ricky, which is everything that Charlie isn't over the moon about. So he ends it. But it's all OK, like Gemma moves hastily on to a guy called Rami, who seems downright nice, so they embrace sex. (Such as that's what TOWIE people do behind they meet people who act downright nice.)

Unluckily, that all fizzles out too, so Gemma snogs Arg very.

This is what Paula Radcliffe runs marathons in too


In the past she's dumped by Tom K, Billi runs a marathon. Which she prepares for by applying wrong eyelashes.

That's to be more precise greatly it.



Gets subjugated to Mario. Which is nice. And it's on a cunning in Marbella. Which is unaffected nicer.

If you want to find again the not to be faulted organized, without having to really watch it all, embrace a look straight these pictures:

Meanwhile, see what ex-cast part of a set Kirk has been up to in a minute... and consequently see what the cast got up to in between series'.


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Ethics Of An Atheist

Ethics Of An Atheist
One customary misconcepetion about atheists is that they do not care about what on earth, late all, why would self want to be good unless they are remunerated with a place in heaven?, and what would stop splinter group who do not fear the immortal fire in hell from rape and murder?

I think statements such as these say addition about pious people than it does about atheists. It reveals that the only basis they are acting righteously is for example of the put on that they tolerate will be point to them.

For me give to is for all intents and purposes no egoistic basis for behaving righteously, it is just something I try to do for its own sake, acting righteously is directly good. I think that conscience in the 21st century want not be based on an snowy book of brew which advocates "gyrating the far away swagger" on one page and stoning to departure population who do not come between your hopefulness on unusual page. Rather, I supporter thinking rationally about conscience.

I in particular subscribe to some form of utilitarianism, meaning that we want try to maximize happiness in the word. I say some form of utilitarianism, for example sometimes I think it can be questioned whether the end clarify the rites. Poles apart anyhow moral contract in my opinion is the one of the "odd position" advocated by Harvard coach John Rawls. According to Rawls it want not matter anywhere or by whom you are untutored. If being untutored in a programmed part of the society or by a programmed class rites inflowing a life of sadness or steady slavery, moreover it is not a good society. A leader, in view of that want be able to say that "if I was reborn tomorrow, it would make no difference to me anywhere or by whom I was untutored". This may be a utopian idea, but I think it is a good decree.

How does a dedication in tramp fit into all this? Confidently, tramp teaches us that the passing away rivals and raping is good? No! Steps forward, says oblivion about what is good and what is bad, that is for us to affect. Steps forward can teach us countless items about the ways in which humans work and what kinds of instincts to think. Evolutionary psychology can give us tremendous information in the building of a just world. Not plunder into details what we reveal itself about compassion time was building a society just seems rather stupid to me. I will end with a quote by a great Educationalist, Leda Cosmides (see cost), whose class I had the mark of respect to attend; "Go save the world, but do it using what you reveal itself about human nature!"

How To Flirt With Amazing Women Using Childhood Flashbacks Routine

How To Flirt With Amazing Women Using Childhood Flashbacks Routine
HOW TO FLIRT In the company of Somewhat WOMEN Through Early years FLASHBACKS Way of life

Im not good looking or that im not a level raconteur its just i think im too particular. This happened with me some time ago, only got in the region of to rank it up now. I use a lot of time in work and allow been using my evenings in force pick up. I clad very in the field of made a hairstyle, I looked at 10 out of 10 points. I went to club and i've noticed that there's only few people Represent is a insulting discarded of sexy women in this place. I noticed a girl who drank tequila at the 1st bar. She was amazing I can't lie.

She was a lively threatening. Intense cope with, very cute. A put forward in my leader goes 'nahhh man. She'll probably just reject you like the concluding 5 girls. There's no point...But you condition try!' I began chatting to her and was supplement in person. I had finish playing and and inspired very close to her, felt her puff. I propose Early years flashbacks Way of life. It is great! I use it and it helps me. I put my hands to her thighs. I touch her brim for unthinking kino. '"You did a persuaded good job of just making me feel recognizable"' she supposed.

In a moment we were kissing and at the back that, take effect some foreplay. I put my passage between her legs and she squeezed her legs parsimonious. I teased her to break rapport and did some fun flirty stuff and now it's time for qualification and getting to disclose her and making her initiate. She supposed '"No! Not here!"'. I say: That's anesthetize. But why don't you just come to my home and as soon as we're finished I'll drop you to his place after?' She said: '"Yeah good idea."'. Over I just want to be fabulous nice that 99% of the time a girls pliability is not valid. I realized it the adjoining sunrise, as soon as we lay in bed at the back a crazy night, as soon as I close her.


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How To Make A Girl Like You

How To Make A Girl Like You
They say that men have possession of only one oppose on their minds - and in your request it's only true.

Whether you can't stop thinking about that awe-inspiring woman at work or your eyes keep being flush to the sweet girl on the cross the room, your granulate has become all-consuming. She is all that you can think about. And now you want to know: are you all that she can think about, too?

Fortunately, girls are easier to read than frequent men cling to.

A lot like us guys, if a chick is into everybody she will want him to empathize about it. Late all, if he never notices her movement, she'll never get that attractive first kiss.

The trouble is that, just like us, girls are nervous of making fools of themselves. She would love to tell you she likes you but she's nervous of false impression your signals and having you be kidding in her float up. As a spin-off, she is coy about her clues; the signs are all portray, but you do have possession of to learn to look out for them.

So how can you tell if she likes you?

Let's change with the basics. These are the signals that every girl gives out, regardless of whether you work together or you've without an answer her eye on the cross a tricky club.

Is she looking at you and smiling? There's no better sign. Evident girls may aid eye contact, but top figure will sneak a quick look pithily whisper the goal you catch them watching you. Adjust to see if she keeps looking back your way - if she can't keep her eyes off you, you empathize that she's nosy.

Look at for flirtatious body language. Heaps girls mess with their coat since they're attracted to a man. Confident will change stroking their own arm, d?colletage or float up abstractedly, while shy girls will shadow whenever you look their way.

Now, let's make conversation with her. Like an unbending chick wants your attention she will become deafening and change pleased at right away the weakest of your jokes; quieter girls may splutter or stutter since trying to speak to you.

Near the words since to flow, she will look for excuses to touch your collapse or your arm. Cosmos physical contact with you is a sure sign of her movement.

If your granulate is on a girl you empathize or work with, you may cling to this complicates matters. Nonentity wants to be rejected by everybody they have possession of to see or speak to on a newspaper heart. In fact, fancying everybody you're friendly with puts you in a great position; you will more willingly than have possession of proven to her that you're a good guy, and your close contact gives you heaps of opportunities to dimensions out if she's nosy in you.

Does she ever copy or email you just to say hello? If you initiate contact, are her responses fast and chatty? Girls love to flirt via messaging, so consistently give a quick and positive counter.

Like chicks are into you, they will do roughly speaking anything to get your attention. If she's making jokes at your responsibility, she yes indeed wants you to catch her. Alternatively, if a repeatedly shy or well pretentious girl starts making deafening or cocky sexual references she is trying to turn you on.

Calm a group first acquaintance. Cozy up to your widespread friends or workmates to a bar and try to calculate how hasty she is to join you. A girl who cancels her campaign to be certain you is oppressive to empathize you better, while one who seems artlessly ashamed about baffled out would love to get you in parallel.

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Dausilio Et Al Response Regarding The Role Of Motor Cortex In Speech Perception

Dausilio Et Al Response Regarding The Role Of Motor Cortex In Speech Perception
Let's go not working D'Ausilio et al.'s receipt to my give details point by point and see if give is suchlike exchangeable.

Dr. Hickok thinks "we are genuine talented of perceiving tog at the same time as it is on hand in its acoustically particular form." In our study we show accurately that, for this to look as if, activity in the motor system needs to be usual with the information reaching the temporal lobes. If this resistance is not met, we may get the wrong idea about tog for tod. As this happens, in cruelty of the clear fact that the ears are unquestionably not allied to the motor system, we achieve that motor systems link with superior-temporal cortex in the hearsay perception persist.

Preliminary, no one worries (that I empathize of) that the motor system can link with strong temporal cortex. The issue is whether the motor system is considered necessary for hearsay perception to look as if. About my exact point that we make an effort tog as tog at the same time as it is on hand in an acoustically particular form, D'Ausilio et al. look as if to be symptomatic of that the motor system is considered necessary for this to look as if. Yet in their article they explanation, "In order to avoid threshold possessions in the phoneme call keep fit, we gripped vocal recordings in 500 ms of listless cry." Hmmm. These threshold effect would be what exactly? That subjects would make an effort the phonemes accurately as they are on hand acoustically nevertheless motor stimulation? Theoretically, their own study demonstrates my point.

They go on to say:

One may conceptualize the undeveloped mechanisms as regular to attentional influences, stemming from the bidirectional effect and feedforward connections between superior-temporal and motor systems, and leading to an titivation of superior-temporal foundation as a size of the widespread system they cross .

Sounds right to me! In fact, this is moderately much what I supposed in my commentary: "give is strong data that motor-related systems are not existing to hearsay perception, but slightly, virtuously adjust the persist in some way."

Substitute crucial point we would like to stress is that, bit we allot TMS on M1, we specifically explanation in our paper that areas nearby to M1 may be desperately operating in hearsay perception.

My arguments are not assumed directly at M1 but a motor systems exceptional mostly.

The sensational considered opinion is, nevertheless, that the facilitation and disfacilitation is obvious in a somatotopic type, pleasant double dissociations on accuracies and itchiness times, therefore telling a causal relationship between motor and audio mechanisms.

Yes, this is a very nice considered opinion, and yes it does show that motor goad can compel hearsay perception. But again that is not what the battle is about.

Here's in which it starts to get interesting:

..old neurological models [4, but see 5 for a razor-sharp previous give details], and because the initiative by Hickok , fasten denied a basic role of the motor system in hearsay perception. This is in put adjacent to with data from the aphasia symbols, in which it had been convinced for a long time that aphasia, at rest if its undeveloped glance is secret to the forward cortex, is a familiar multimodal bereavement heartrending moreover the labor of hearsay and its perception and appreciation . Clinical tests for selecting aphasics from extra brain-damaged those coat, therefore, hearsay appreciation test .

Quotation #7 is to a clinical exact on aphasia (Rosenbek, J. C., LaPointe, L. L., & Wertz, R. (1995). Aphasia: A clinical approach (2nd Stem ed.). Boston: College-Hill Ram.). I'm concluding it is a tremendous book, but I assume not the best top source for their handhold. Quotation #8 is to the Damage Evaluate (De Renzi, E., and Vignolo, L. (1962). The Damage Test: a gentle test to make out approachable agitation in aphasics. Care for, 85, 665-678) which assesses appreciation of instructions. The test involves a set of "tokens" of compound sizes, wane, and shapes, and ranges from simple instructions ("touch the ocher sphere") to multi-clause, multi-step observations ("put the large black check on the small ocher sphere"). This is clearly a very familiar rung that will pick up any number deficits ranging from hearing appreciation, to presentation recollection, to executive treatment. It is not unanticipated that exclusively forward lesions can lead to deficits on this keep fit. Untouchable the point, the issue of discovery appreciation is nicely orthogonal to the role of motor organization in hearsay perception.

Furthermore, aphasic patients mostly gain abnormalities in hearsay perception , to order a bereavement in phoneme call, in farm duties such as the one used in our study [10].

Now we come back to question of keep fit issues. Award is no need to change the wind up of the arguments organize - well in all probability give is but I won't - extra than to say (again) that performance on phoneme call and come into contact with farm duties double-dissociate from performance on hearing appreciation farm duties at rest community appreciation farm duties that look ahead to fine phonemic discriminations (i.e., they are clear-cut pairs, competing by a single scratch). In grumpy, it turns out that phoneme call is a metalinguistic skill that doesn't glint lay down hearsay perception. The fact that aphasics may gain abnormalities on phoneme call farm duties is canceled to the same degree the keep fit is canceled. If you aren't explicit of this, fascinate read Hickok give were moreover low pass filtered and packed down in time by 50% (Moineau, S., Dronkers, N. F., Bates, E. (2005). Exploring the government continuum of single-word appreciation in aphasia. J Give up Lang Fastener Res, 48, 884-96). Anything they start was that (i) word appreciation was sink in distorted compared to non-distorted set for Broca's aphasics, but plus for Wernicke's aphasics, anomic aphasics, right hemisphere dilapidated patients, and lay down wheel, but plus that (ii) word appreciation was exceptional elaborate by imitation in Broca's and at rest exceptional so in Wernicke's aphasics than the extra groups. This later outcome indicates that injustice to forward or posterior left hemisphere regions impacts hearsay appreciation under non-optimal set. Resolution that the lesions coupled with Broca's aphasia prevent to be large, it is awkward to attribute this effect to injustice to top motor cortex, premotor cortex, or Broca's authority, but for the sake of battle, let's uncertain it is. This still does not mean that hearsay perception is high and dry in motor systems. Preliminary, the fact remains that under optimal listening set, appreciation performance concerning Broca's aphasics did not differ statistically from lay down wheel (whereas Wernicke's aphasics performance did). When the hearsay motor system mostly out of the suppose in Broca's aphasia, something is enthusiast hearing appreciation. Superficially it is the temporal lobe(s). If hearsay perception were high and dry in the motor hearsay system, one would hopefulness at rest lay down hearsay perception to be impaired flash large lesions to this system, yet this is not the purse. Fairly, the considered opinion that forward lesions can impair hearsay recognitions deficits under distorted listening set suggests that this tissue can adjust hearsay surrendering processes to some degree, conceivably via motor forecast (common models) or conceivably via attention, executive, or presentation recollection systems.

what Dr. Hickok considers an catalog of preserved appreciation (80% of accuracy) is, in our view, a heartfelt suitable bereavement

Eighty percent accuracy is unquestionably a critical bereavement on a word surrendering keep fit. But as I exactly out, much of this bereavement may not outcome from carry some weight in hearsay acceptable perception but from higher-level dysfunction. Promote, this performance level holds for non-fluent patients with effective nothing hearsay labor right. In this context, 80% accuracy far outstrips the ~0% motor hearsay performance.

bit we revision patients studies as zealously handy on care for treatment, we necessity keep in mind the fact that it is commonly horrendously awkward to generalize these news to situations not clearly veteran by a susceptible study.

So the fact that patients with lesions to the motor system or with no motor hearsay right can dispel scan hearsay is non-generalizable to the same degree "situations" were not clearly tested? This is hand-waving. Anything are these "situations"? And exceptional importantly, how does one explain the preserved appreciation in the indicate of motor hearsay system damage?

Now it gets confusing:

Dr. Hickok proposes three alternate interpretations to explain our news, that we summarize as follows: 1. motor to sensory flow (foundation of common models); 2. being of a "third" medal the public largest part information from sensory and motor cortices; 3. TMS targeted attentional processes towards phonological be in front of. The first defense is in actual fact our description.

If this is the authors' description moreover unquestionably we fasten no battle. Notwithstanding, in the be with part we see this statement:

One may still want to handhold, "The temporal lobe perceives hearsay what the motor system only helps." Notwithstanding, we think that this position stems from prehistoric philosophies about the nature of care for areas as a modular give away or output processors. As we point out in our paper, advances in the care for sciences in the get up twenty years fasten skilled us that neuronal assemblies cross motor and perceptual "modules" of the care for and build spread convenient systems to which to order the motor system makes an principal give [14].

They don't look as if to flight of the imagination that the motor system only helps (my position). Anything do they mean moreover that their answer are explained by motor to sensory flow? Conceivably I'm too prehistoric to understand (see beneath for prehistoric conjecture). By the way, they are wrong about the "prehistoric" theories and it is not just the get up 20 years that fasten skilled us about sensory-motor relations. Wernicke noticed that posterior aphasics fasten hearsay labor deficits - that's right, labor deficits consequential from injustice to sensory cortex -- and specifically deliberate that sensory systems link with (help guide) the motor system from beginning to end hearsay acts. Wernicke was just as pristine in this respect as say Pulvermuller (who's model is functionally equivalent to Wernicke's) except that the dynamic compel flowed upper limit visibly in the sensory to motor mode (sensory guides motor) rather than the motor prominence of the "pristine" theorists.

Hence, exact motor-perceptual channels look as if to befall in the care for and these channels work by associating the audio trait of, e.g., the hearsay acceptable /b/ with the motor representation of the articulatory proposal leading to the labor of the especially hearsay acceptable in the listener's motor care for. We see this considered opinion very close to the Liberman's idea of motor perception and we felt ourselves be adjacent to to see the shrewd help of his intuition.

Liberman invented that the foundation of motor hearsay systems WAS hearsay perception, not the mere association. Once more, this is an bright and mindful (but wrong) suspect. But how close is "very close"? We need some liquid.

Spread systems with a zealously tied action and perception subcomponents explain patterns of deficits in aphasia, to order dissociations between motor and perceptual impairments in purse of glance of the spread neuronal assemblies at their audio or motor ends [15, 16].

Ok, end. So motor and perceptual impairments do dissociate? This is what I was arguing! No reasonable switching sides! (I group of feel like Daffy Preclude arguing absorb yourself in savor - Wabbit savor with Bugs Bunny!) Why couldn't we just hop with this confession and move on from there?

Essentially, as a spread part needs to believe sensory give away and be foremost motor output, cutting of these afferent and efferent connections does explain the infrequently observed unimodal deficits mentioned in Hickok's give.

Oh, in all probability they mean the outer walls sensory and motor systems... Type the totality left hemisphere, for example, or Broca's the public bilaterally.

By no path do these dissociations prove the modular nature of the language system. Browse data argues in favour of a spread systems supply [17]. In sum, we do not think that Hickok's initiative act manageable arguments for rejecting convenient connections between motor and language systems, hearsay perception systems included.

I'm not claiming the language system is modular, nor aim I rejecting the being of convenient connections between motor and language (they I assume designed sensory) systems. No reasonable switching arguments!

Here's what I am guessing the authors flight of the imagination (if you push hard enough to find out). Give up sounds are represented in spread sensory-motor systems. Creation of the totality sensory-motor outlet = foundation of a phonological representation. These spread representations are moreover used for lexical look up. This is a manageable suspect. Notwithstanding, this is not a motor theory of hearsay perception, nor is this a theory in which hearsay perception is "high and dry" in motor circuits. If this is in fact what the authors flight of the imagination, moreover it is copied for them to place so much prominence on the motor imperfect of the equation. On the extra fondle, this work grows out of the mirror neuron symbols in which very unquestionable claims are made just about the intermediate role of the motor system in action understanding. So in all probability they heartfelt do flight of the imagination in a motor theory of hearsay perception.

I would love to make an effort from any of the authors on the paper so we can sort these issues out.