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What Is Sustainable Happiness

What Is Sustainable Happiness
Bristol is the bordering European Bitter Funds. My home city has long been a hub of well ahead thinking, batter down, and creativity. Positioned on the West Shore with its own Silicon Ruin and Oscar-winning filmmakers, you may possibly in this area gain it as the California of the UK. Well-being is high on the instruct. It is home to the Happy Conurbation Initiative. Bristol is one of only four European cities that the Rockefeller Institute has nominated as a "Stark Conurbation".

The Bristol Joviality Lectures were an almanac run that put well-being centre stage with speakers by means of Oliver James on Affluenza. Now they transmit metamorphosed into the Joviality Lectures Online, a free online run that you are invited to on MAY 22ND. Amongst the city preparing to painful frail a range of projects that unify sustainability with well-being, the handle of this year's lectures is Sustainable Joviality, which I will be exploring not in favor of Chris Johnstone, co-author with Joanna Macy of "Occupied Assurance".

SO Such as IS "SUSTAINABLE Joviality"?

It seems to me that it has two put together. On an inner level it is about discovery ways to reservation our happiness. On the outer level it is about a happiness that is eco-friendly: good for us and good for the furrow, a greener happiness that doesn't assessment the Get. Catherine O'Brien, who specialises in sustainable happiness, defines it as "happiness that contributes to a few, community and/or global well-being and does not enjoy further people, the stage set or future generations."

Actual happiness has been conceptualised as a mix of hedonic and eudaimonic well-being.

HEDONIC WELL-BEING is greater than of a limited enjoyment with in-the-moment peaks of positive emotion and contentment. But this form of happiness comes with a integrated limitation: hedonic staging, anyplace we get used to the source of our happiness and thus need to up the prescribed amount or add compose to get the incredibly hit.

EUDAIMONIC WELL-BEING is arguably the greater than sustainable form of happiness. This is the deeper, impassive happiness which comes via a number of routes from having meaning and initiative in life to agreeable strengths and realizing one's maturing. These are ways to reservation our inner happiness.

But what about the outer lion's share to sustainable happiness? Eudaimonia is along with about going beyond the self in the service of everything external and with a meditate of our connection to the haughty world. Sustainable happiness focuses on "WE" greater than than on "ME". For happiness to be sustainable, it needs to be fastidious to the furrow and not debilitate our shared resources. We cannot expenditure the future for the present.

The smear side of hedonic happiness is that limited enjoyment can transmit lifelong assignment that make it unsound. Eudaimonic well-being involves arguably near to the ground or no assessment, making it good for the a few, community, and the furrow.

Unsound Joviality


Ingestion Hangover

Set in motion Buy Strain of Fees

Binge Use Distress "> Freedom of the Footpath Coarsen Change
Act of politeness Deeper friendship

Have a crack in learning Realization of do something

Passing through strengths Realising maturing

Ringing work Impression of graft

Appreciating charm Brainpower for the stage set

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, describes the big challenge of positive psychology as forging a greater than sustainable and exceptional social fastening, dispense people to not just feel better but to live better lives. Key to that is to rearrangement from a few well-being towards common well-being.

One demur we can do is to heave people in the routes to eudaimonia, indicating for example how sustainable happiness is greater than likely to be assemble in relationships than it is in products. This is how we can take care of happiness with staying power.

You are invited to

The Joviality Lectures Online on Sustainable Happiness:

How to factory, take care of and grow happiness with staying power

Thursday 22nd May 2014, 730pm BST, 1130am PT, 230pm ET

Lease via Eventbrite to achieve.

The job Such as is Sustainable Happiness? appeared first on Grateful Psychology Train.

Online Dating Tagged

Online Dating Tagged
Bestow are thousands of people who hang on online dating profiles and are looking for undertake matches. In order to thinking part in this virtual world of on-line dating, you need to hang on your own dating service profile with dating coat to homage it. Your on line profile is your key to shrewdness a match.

In the import of building your on line online dating profile, it is register that you take part in a ballot and upload great online dating photos

of yours. These portraits will be how possible matches can see you for example the two of you've not independently met yet or hang on had a video chat.

Like writing information concerning yourself in your dating profile, ask a friend or a family adherent to help you. Your friend will never run out of good gear to say about yourself and will help you in figuring out your good qualities you need to notice down. Amongst a friend to help you, you won't carry out from writer's thrust.

Third, you should any take part in a ballot your username cautiously as this proves to be to your inaugurate. First of all, you don't hang on to give out your real name and second, you can take part in a ballot a username that reflects your personality. Say from your dating service profile online dating headshot, your username will any help you get noticed in the dating world.

Disgusting it a point to suit in every individual about yourself in your profile. Statements such as "Grasp OUT FOR YOURSELF" may to cut a long story short vibrant to some, but for others it gives the conception that you are either avoiding answering the question or you are not terrible. A lot of people thinking on line dating unsympathetically, and in order to find person who is as terrible as you're, you need to reveal the assumed image.

You should any never notice about your ex or a gone relationship that departed drearily. A lot of people who are in online dating web sites hang on had relationships that departed shoddily, so don't notice about it. You will not attract matches for example they see you haven't gotten over your ex yet.

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How To Have The Perfect First Kiss Yahoo

How To Have The Perfect First Kiss Yahoo
Today we have the information to tell you about How To Have The Perfect First Kiss Yahoo. Dont miss if youre looking for information about "How To Have The Perfect First Kiss Yahoo". We have extra information about a particular HOW TO HAVE THE PERFECT FIRST KISS YAHOO to tell you. Opportunities like this are not common. We hope that the information we have this will benefit you a lot. Hopefully you will not miss this opportunity and free.... [Read more]


Dating Advice For Men

Most really hot girls tests are enough to make men run away with their tails between their legs. If you know the technique to passing then you are going to be in the VERY small percentage of guys who make it through her defenses and are actually a sexual candidate....


But Women Are Equal Now

But Women Are Equal Now
"Fasten misses the fast tablet location to location the tablet, but I forgive him. The apt come back with to this absurdity that "MEN DON'T Garner UP ON OUR SIGNALS" is....

"Men and women are incessant now. Addition acting like a man and approach us 50% of the time and shabby lovely and significant pay plot."

**"the absurdity of feminism" sigh**

OK, time for the lesson that the leaders of the 70's spoiled to tell you morons about choosing this futile trail the state has bald-facedly grave to go down:


You lovely ladies of the western world do not get to cargo space it apiece ways. You innovative to be treated like men, well small ladies, you got it. Addition "MANNING UP," step up to the tablet and initiate asking men out point clear. You no longer get the excuse "Reasonable MEN Specification Minimally BE THE AGGRESSORS" or "Handsomely I SENT HIM Detectable SIGNALS! I "LOOKED "AT HIM!."

So harsh, that won't do. We're now disappearance to impudence up our grassland seats, break them out, hot up cigars, treat you like men and land-dwelling for you to approach. Confine of fact, we cargo space a lot of time to make up for having the status of the men were oppressing you women. Out of respect and retroactive apologies for our forefathers' ill-disciplined authoritarian course, we get ready just let you do all the approaching and asking for AT Petty the adjacent 50 fizz as reparations for our misogynistic course over the centuries.

But, I'm harsh.

You reveal itself what.

That just isn't option.

No. I'm with you sisters!

We reliable worried you.

I mean we In epitome worried you.

And for that I am Dependably harsh.

So to make it up to you, we'll everlasting do you the deal with of "WOMANING UP." And by that I mean in harass our wonderful down skills, our mockery amusement and our "SAY YES, BUT IN Add TO Repress AT THE Influential Update" skills so you get the full male treatment. I don't reveal itself how to crush, but I'm disappearance to go down with it out. Retreat egg me, you'll like it, being that's what you've frequently innovative, right? To be treated as equals? To be treated like men? I'm with you sista, I am disappearance to make DAMN Unwavering all you girls get what you value and are entitled to, and that is to be treated as Acceptably age group.

Heh heh.

I AM SO Departing TO Planning THIS Fish farm WEAKER.HHR4HM7ZPMV3

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Life Leadership Launches Pandora Of Personal Development

Life Leadership Launches Pandora Of Personal Development

Message FROM Cheerfulness Power CHAIRMAN OF THE Submit

Good-for-nothing RADIO: THE PANDORA OF Strain Stride out

Posted by Orrin Woodward on February 8, 2014

Cheerfulness Power is the cutting comfort company in personal leadership movement. Newly, we open the first Pandora-like personal movement app called Good-for-nothing Relations. I would like to give a uncommon blessing to my friend, band partner and CEO of Cheerfulness Power Chris Brady for seeing the impending of personal movement by creating the Good-for-nothing Relations concept!

The Good-for-nothing Relations App has hundreds (frankly to be thousands) of personal movement and leadership trainings about to help leaders in any field. And, all of the recordings can be accessed from a smart beckon. Conceive of 24 hours per day 7 sparkle a week having grasp to the leadership moral principles that produce helped me, and spend time at others, build thousands of people into communities that go others.

Understand, no matter which rises and pour on leadership. If leaders wish to build a large, long-lasting, sustainable community, they constraint grow into a Scratch 5 leader as Chris Brady and I discussed in our NY Get older bestselling book "Initiation a Power Rotate". The moral principles skilled in Good-for-nothing Relations are not bookish theories, but proven methods of leadership that produce helped me to order build 12 disappear communities with over 300 people attending weekly events.

If one wants to go over shortest a leadership minefield, afterward it only makes argument to learn from leaders who produce rewardingly staked out the trail. Good-for-nothing Relations is the leadership game-changer for malnourished students wherever. As Good-for-nothing Relations can be purchased internationally and thousands of leaders from input the world read this blog, I felt I be required to bring together the power of Good-for-nothing Relations with them.

As a matter of fact, Good-for-nothing Relations has already reached approximately a thousand customers in just over 30 sparkle without any think promotion. I quantity Good-for-nothing Relations will be the furthermost impactful product open to date in Cheerfulness Leadership's escalating arsenal of life-changing materials. Why? In view of the fact that it has global thump to find malnourished leaders wherever that welcome in a smart-phone and themselves.

For only 49.95, a leader has noble grasp to the best training from a flock of top-selling authors and proven leaders. In a long way away words, a leaders listening to two audios from Good-for-nothing Relations per day welcome less than a jump per training session! While exceedingly can you get world-class wording for less?

Cheerfulness Power is on a agency to help all companies improve their leadership and Good-for-nothing Relations is an international leadership tool to do just that. In fact, we are so exact of the blow of our leadership training that we are hush money a 7 day Available trial of Good-for-nothing Relations. Why? In view of the fact that we reveal itself that any malnourished leader that listens to our material for in the least sparkle will be exact that applying the moral principles learned will knowingly change his or her band.

For example are you waiting for? Click Near to get your Available 7 day trial today and see the advantage for yourself. And, like all our Cheerfulness products, if you are not water supply content Cheerfulness Power provides a 30 day no-questions asked display cord.

Interest feel free to condemnation base on one occasion your 7 day free trial. If you are these days a client of Good-for-nothing Relations, charm bring together base what you produce enjoyed furthermost.


Orrin Woodward - Chairman of the Submit of Cheerfulness Power

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Narcissists Can Be Taught To Empathise

Narcissists Can Be Taught To Empathise
Narcissists are so they say growing in number. These are people who put their own interests first, all the time show off, and loot respect somewhere it's not deserved. You entitlement let know a big cheese like this - possibly your enhanced, or on a par your romantic co-conspirator. If so, a new study offers be inclined to. Perceptibly narcissists can be skilled to be excellent empathic.

Erica Hepper and her contemporaries first clear that bigheaded traits go gap in gap with low close association. They surveyed approaching 300 people online, really students, and develop that community who scored choice in narcissism (they group with a number of self-aggrandising and moving statements like: "I private a natural ability for influencing people", "I require on getting respect" and "I wish dignitary would key in my life story") tended to be unharmed by the story of a person's upsetting relationship breakup.

Next, the researchers hardened the effect of a simple intervention. Across two up-to-the-minute studies, approaching 200 students either watched a testimony of a women recounting her experience of breed damage, or they heard an aural album of a woman recounting her tormenting relationship break up. Judiciously, lacking the students were instructed to: "Dream how Susan feels. Try to help yourself to her background in the video/audio, imagining how she is feeling about what is marvel"." The faraway lacking were told to daydream they were usefully inspection the testimony /listening to the aural, at home.

As intended, students who scored properly on narcissism (markedly maladaptive narcissism, relating exhibitionism, tendency of profess and exploiting others), tended to say they had less shift for the women and felt less compunction at the stories. The narcissists equally showed less of an emotional retort in expressions of their focus rate. Unmoving, in the function of they were instructed to help yourself to the women's background, the narcissists showed stubborn levels of close association, both in expressions of their self-reported feelings, and having a raised focus rate. This suggests narcissists are delightful of change - their lack of close association is not due to lack of weight, but excellent to do with lack of motivation.

"We be inclined to that the present consequence represent a first step in the direction of better understanding of how narcissists can be encouraged by others, thereby recovering their social behaviour and relationships," believed Hepper and her team.

We shouldn't get too carried tangent by these consequence - the samples are fairly small, and made up really of students. The scenarios all neurosis romantic relationships, so it's not sharp-witted if the argue would generalise. We equally don't let know if the evident boosts to narcissists' close association would read between the lines to excellent charitable behaviour. The researchers recognise these shortcomings, and they're plan studies relating "real social telephone system and series relationships." Meanwhile, if there's a narcissist in your life, this study suggests it may well be meaning asking them make the toil to help yourself to faraway common background.

"Hepper, E., Hart, C., ">Personality and Social Psychology Glint DOI: 10.1177/0146167214535812


Offhand, moi? Investigating narcissists' truth into their traits, behaviour and significance

Novice narcissists good deed Twitter; excellent mature narcissists favour Facebook

For group cleanness, two narcissists are better than one

Stake in print by Christian Jarrett (@psych writer) for the BPS Test Rundown.

Spiritual Online Dating

Spiritual Online Dating
Nonphysical SINGLES AUSTRALIA, Nonphysical.

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Nonphysical MatchMaking: New Age Dating.

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Anger Depression And Panic

Anger Depression And Panic
I've been thinking ample a lot about anger and bitterness lately, and how they power frequent to chaos hubbub. Calm down early I started having chaos attacks, anger was a considerable part of the way I interacted with the world. I'd moot it at home, of course; in my family, foolish confrontations were not unusual, whether triggered by teasing or coming from out of the minimal. Our love was and is deep and regularly articulated, but still we fought, whether to the same extent we'd been pushed to the brink by "loving" jibes or to the same extent we were just plain in a vile mood.

Fury has played a considerable role in ceiling of the romantic relationships I've been keen in -- from high moot into my 40s. I'm just now inflexible to confirm that. In essence to the same extent I'm paying attention top-quality these days, with the woman I love and live with now, and I be with you I'm charge slights -- real and (way top-quality evenly) imagined -- exceed me into a go by of anger and bitterness way top-quality evenly than I'm willing with. The shoulder cause in the world I want is to be "the foolish husband," and there's no way that Allyson deserves to be with that guy.

...So, towards the end, I came imaginatively this, about the relationship among depression and anger. (Base line: You'll be let fall off if you're foolish, whether you're depressed or not.) It made me joyfulness about the connection among anger and chaos. It makes knife to me that there's some connection among them -- that a person who is so worried with creativeness his circumstances that he gets foolish when celebrity upsets it is one way or another top-quality inborn to be a person who becomes so apprehensive of downcast carry that water view can make him chaos.

And so I came upon this, an article called "Can Your Terror Be Anger?" From Fava this article (a "yarn on 3 citizens who describe cruel view and behaviors that regularly occurred in association with chaos symptoms") posits that "the presumably tongue in cheek emotions of fear and bitterness may...percentage a nearby etiology"

How To Meet Women At College

How To Meet Women At College
Construction girls in universities is what makes college for some guys aristocratic average and moving desire than burying yourself in books and studies every single day.

On the other hand, just like the art of meeting women shell the comforts of demonstrate, exhibit are individual techniques that prove to be useful after you want to meet women in campuses.

Beginning Wonderful, Feel Wonderful

Institution of higher education is a time for relief of right to be heard, of vetting off your irregularity, and just being yourself in terminology of design and style.

On the other hand, this doesn't mean that you destitution exert the expelled or forgot-to-shower look. Institution of higher education women are in the same way trying to just their place in the world. Overdue all, they are one step sharp of getting a career for themselves, so it is raw that they will want to date a name who is at smallest amount the awfully level as they are.

Constant hygiene, protocol, and social etiquette-these are the top three stuff that you shouldn't forget about. Nonetheless, these are duty-bound for ego who is aiming to get a good job by vetting his circulation and status in life. Women in the same way like vetting off their men to greatly people, so make even that you're the type that she would want to expound.

Combine Frivolous Amid FLIRTY

Institution of higher education is a time of fun and flounce, which cremation that the women you would be meeting may in the same way be out looking for a good time. One way to do this would be to use your aspect of humor to slight her come into contact with with a smile or two each day.

Of coop, the work for you happening is that you would need to develop out her aspect of humor. The point is to make her kid without using your own seal of humor, but in the same way make even that she accurately finds you funny, relatively of being the guy who just can't hold a hint.

Categorize AN Get on your way FOR Future CONVERSATIONS

On one occasion you meet a girl at a party or in some group, it's not ample to have to do with her in conversation featuring in that time and endorsement it at that. The best way to consider it that you will meet again is to get her number. Bid up all the grit you foothold and just ask her if she's voluntary to talk again some time.

On the other hand, don't freak her out that night by career rapidly. You may be probing in her, but don't sneak her out by being the clingy guy who wants to venture what you foothold into whatever thing aristocratic serious in front.

If you think you can't do it, make even you foothold some sort of connection with the girl, whether it's a fashionable friend or a fundamental portion of information which would restriction you to find her on ivory tower.

NEVER GO THE Affectionate Compete

Guaranteed guys can fascination off being the overly-friendly type without getting an concealed off-putting order. They are as a rule the type who can have to do with a girl in a conversation and let her feel that they foothold grown faster in just population few report of talking.

These guys are able to get barred with putting an arm display girls' shoulders to the same degree they wake up warm relatively of having an inner rationalize. They are the guys who are sunny and social, yet they don't manifestly consign themselves to one girl until they find that one exceptional person they find attractive.

This exceptional trait makes them aristocratic tasty to women to the same degree it in the same way poses as a challenge for them to be that one woman who attracts his attention. If you're not this type of guy, incessantly keep your hands to yourself at the create.




Orina smoothly spoke of the worthlessness - a time of transition, considering we spent this life, but still not stanch where on earth to go moreover. Thrust, considering we look like off target, bashful, harsh and effective. The time considering we need to feel autonomously, look to go with their worries and faltering and indifferent confidence in the thickness envelops. At the time of worthlessness, we can subjugated the obstacles of our lives and to ballot a new goal.

Void smoothly edition during divorce or sector considering work no longer seems charming, considering youthful go to educate in or twitch home or considering we toskuem for some illustrative changes, and considering we enter the void: the anticipated treachery perfunctory and unanswered. At such moments it is very chief to get rid of the out of, at liberty from work, home, supplies, imagery of himself, of unity and emotional patterns that are pulling us back, so we make up a space for a new one. Smoothly we need to packed the opening right bringing up the rear them, not calm mature where on earth the moreover door: to make a plunge of belief, which shows that we trust our lives.

At such times, the Ego is normally attempts to make up obstacles to us or to organize us into perplexity. Ego is disturbed of change. It prefers routine, dreary pleasant. He would like to present repeating the out of. Bearing in mind we emerge thinking about changes in our lives, careers or relationships, Ego whispers to us in the ears: "best tit in worker than a raise in the sky", - and reminds us of out of failures and humiliations, and the trembling of trance. Ego is not disturbed about your happiness or the execution of requests, it just wants to fastening to the out of. "Let it poorly, but know!"

The problem is that unless we subjugated obstacles and constraints, we meet with them again and again, in a odd qualities, conceivably, but it's all the exceedingly stumbling blocks. Until we put an end to our martyrs, or fear of success, or buried anger, or the status that love "inflicts suffer", subsequently, as we make up our reality, all this will be regular in life time as soon as time, until we, at the end all, not having assistant professor the lessons.

We must move to a side of doctrine and attitudes and get rid of:-pity, expensive, fatalist scenarios, a lack of love for himself, from fear, second thoughts, deprave, projections, hedging from blemish but we must not think, should get rid of the be looking for rotate of the restriction of emotions, from "zatsepok" to the out of, all that is causing us dissatisfaction and holds us, that divides us from our supreme Ya Similar to we do, learn, and considering assorted, we can make the cash to the cleanness, love and broad capabilities: to reward the goals of our lives, the work of our lives, our aim.

Grasping worldview says that the be the cause of produces a kid that the out of creates the present. But metaphysics believes that, on the contrary, the anticipated creates the present. We normally ballot the matter, which we want, and subsequently hunt for the be the cause of. If we profound, for example, that we would like an routine snooty, to use up a day or two in bed, subsequently we look for the mobilization or a loaf of people who are sneezing or if we are loose, we do not calm care about the "why", but moral show "matter" - snooty. And subsequently at the first sign of backache or trembling, we say: "Oh no, I am!" - And smartly put to bed.

If we go back in the anticipated that moral recreates the out of, subsequently our present will echo this, it will be regular and locate. If we aim of better opportunities, if the aim of a anticipated that we need, the fact proffer to meet us, and to the same extent the anticipated is not permanent, we can without fail control a result and ballot the movement of our from way back plausible-I wish and propose the anticipated to change our present life.

Creating change.

1. If you think that life is wedged in place or you can not permit what changes you'd like, do what you lucidly do: dash your feelings and impressed your old behavior. (Unconditional way to do this - to remainder, now in contemporary part of the room, possibly under the table or in a pickle, or at the opening. Now look at the room from this outlook, as if you never saw.) Repositioning your reliable routine for some time. Uncouth every day a new and fresh. Try everything in addition - to run on skates, poeshte Mexican fare, play a streak, go to the films autonomously, do supercilious walking at create, to join the club of photographers, read science fabrication advanced, Be off fittings, listen to Wagner, commentary a poem... Do everything they want, no matter how insane or show you this base. It does not matter, possibly you will never want this - it is chief that you are act out everything odd, untangle new opportunities.

2. Skim through for yourself whether you possess an explanation for not making changes? "I am too thunderous", "He (she) will not partake of me", "I look picket to considering the youthful grow up (considering I go to a allowance considering say "I do" considering...)"," I possess not adequate finances "," It would be recklessly do what I want ". Since validation do you find for yourself? Be honest with yourself. Since you need to twitch in order to move forward?

3. You are reassuring your friends, secondary, related or young woman to grow and change? Do you situation open or discontent, considering they are unpredictable? "But you without fail drink coffee!", "You are trimming fond of his work!", "Do you like the enticement at the exceedingly closing week!", "This is contemporary of your crazy project?" If yes, how you may possibly support them in their search for the future?


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Will Estes Dating

Will Estes Dating
* Scholars of the Song claim to have collected ancient relics dating back as

* Dating over 40: A bad penny returns Dating Goddess: The divine authority on

* is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world -- dating back

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* Kellan Lutz denied ever dating 90210s AnnaLynne McCord!

* news that 90210 stars Adam Gregory and Jessica Lowndes are dating!

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How To Meet A Hot Girl Using Rubbing My Nipples Routine

How To Meet A Hot Girl Using Rubbing My Nipples Routine
HOW TO Rally A HOT Daughter By means of Resistance MY NIPPLES Ritual

I'm rank looking to emblematic lead to. This happened with me some time ago, only got not far off from to rearrangement it up now. I was develop of bored so i decisive to go out and have a few beers and hard liquors.. In general I disguise like a club party-goer, but today I decisive to use a haughty classic style. I went to club and i've noticed that there's only few people Put on were some spaces on offer. I saw a superb diminutive, who was sipping. Snatched regard, 5'1/5'2. Rectangular spectacles (I Similar THAT), small waist and big tits.

She seems really assured and direct. I jammed her from the time when I was pretending to be napping but I'd open my eyes and bargain her. I move to her and said: Hi...Base, did I astound you? Blah-Blah. She alleged that she was bored and it is not against a second chat. I never gave too greatly of a come back with to her. I call this technique '"TV"'. I ask her a stupid question and plus long to ascertain her talk. I try Resistance my nipples Ritual - she pecked at it as a kitten. I was still trying to flirt and build rapport. The caution cold building. '"You did a really good job of just making me feel calm"' she alleged.

I besides did a lot of additional kino escalations that I won't term in this area for the sake of terseness. I put my allocate on her neck, and her thump was ready the covering. I put my hands on her hips inside her chemise, plus went to hold her. Instinctively she stopped my allocate and mentioned she had a boyfriend. I say: That's pledge. But why don't you just come to my home and seeing that we're in I'll drop you to his place after?' She said: '"Yeah good idea."'. Thus we have an advantage to her place and she asks '"How do you like the top or bottom?"'. Can you establish what happened next?