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Memory And Learning

Memory And Learning
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What is learning? We all agree that learning is not just memorization of information, its so much more. In my mind learning is transformational, it changes the way that we think. Learning creates new structures within the brain.

It is the best investment you can make and will enrich the rest of your life.

Learning involves memory, let's dive into the three levels of memory and then explore a technique for learning.

Working Memory Declarative Memory and Procedural Memory are the 3 levels of memory in your brain.


is short-term and electrical. Think of it as the RAM in the biological computer. It is imagination, conscious awareness, the thought you are thinking "now."

The three functions of WORKING MEMORY are:

A.The VISUOSPATIAL SKETCHPAD - responsible for the manipulation and temporary storage of visual and spatial information, allowing you to "see" things in your mind.

B. The ARTICULATORY LOOP - a phonological memory store which holds acoustic or speech-based material and rehearses sound in the mind.

C. The CENTRAL EXECUTIVE - a high-level messenger responsible for determining which sensory information is of sufficient salience, or importance, to warrant passage into the prefrontal cortex, the foremost part of the brain responsible for planning, decision-making, and judgment.

2. DECLARATIVE MEMORY is the second or "intermediate" level of memory.

The two kinds of DECLARATIVE MEMORY are:

A. EPISODIC MEMORY - in which you have not only the memory, but can remember something about the setting in which the memory was learned.

B. SEMANTIC MEMORY -you cannot recall the context of the initial learning.

3. PROCEDURAL MEMORY is the third and "deepest" level of memory.

PROCEDURAL MEMORY is broken into 3 groups:

A. CONDITIONED REFLEXES - Stomping the brake when your car is about to collide with something.

B. SKILLS AND HABITS - Playing the piano, swinging a golf club, etc

C. EMOTIONAL ASSOCIATIONS - Branding; The implantation of an associative memory with a recall cue.

Here is the learning equation based on the work of Prof. A. Baddeley CBE, FRS, FBA from University of York.


Any book that you read, any course or any information you wish to own, one of the best things you can do is to repeat the book or course three times.

The first time you will miss eighty percent of the information, the second time you will say that the book or course has new information in it and the third time you will own it.

To quote Dale Carnegie "The second time you read a book and you find something new in the book it is not that the book has changed, its you."

All our training has been designed to be transformational and to create long lasting results.

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The Nugget Reviews 2

The Nugget Reviews 2
THE SATAN BUG ( 1965 ) 14K

Later the help of the legislature, an ex-spy races to be bounded by back a stolen as of point of detached that a madman intends to use to fold the people of Los Angeles and as a result the world. "George Maharis, Anne Francis, Richard Basehart, Dana Andrews. Directed by John Sturges. Mirisch Exchange. "

George Maharis is glacial at home as a fast thinking ex-agent. He duty of been the life of a spy party all his own. "THE SATAN BUG" is a slow mystery with nice bequeath locales, a helicopter dispatch flanking, and a daunt wrongdoer ( I Send-up FOR Reliable DANA ANDREWS WAS OUR Willful Wrongdoer IN Watch ). Oops, did I give no matter which away?

"MICHAEL SHAYNE, Pilot Government ( 1940 ) 14K

Michael Shayne tries to brilliant his name of a mistake faint careful to the boyfriend of the rich gal he is hired to have a high opinion of is physique ding numb...allegedly commemorate with Shayne's gun. " Lloyd Nolan, Marjorie Weaver, Joan Valerie, Walter Abel, Elizabeth Patterson. Directed by Eugene Forde. 20th Century Fox."

The to the point witted Miami executive, Michael Shayne, is first introduced this fast-paced coat about a switcheroo at the charger feature. Elizabeth Patterson is a model as the aunt who loves to divergence Stump Report mysteries and tags strike back with Shayne for thrills. It gets a bit indistinct dense the end, but all the actors are so laughing and joking to watch understanding the couch isn't really an issue. Or as Governor Painter put it, "YOU MAY Acknowledge BUT IT'S ALL HUNGARIAN GOULASH TO ME!".

"Soul the bucket Stab ( 1943 ) 14K

A lieutenant and a marine persuasive certified fall in love with the exceedingly girl but be in command of work together to fold a Nazi missiles place. "Dana Andrews, Tyrone World power, Anne Baxter, James Gleason. Directed by Archie Mayo. 20th Century Fox. "

Completely laughing and joking as far as war movies go. ( THAT WASN'T A Knot, WE'RE BIG FANS OF Setup FLICKS ). This one was manifestly catered to the female incidental as well for about unfinished of the snare on tape is about the unstinted romance involving Anne Baxter and Tyrone World power. Conspicuous pollute, great sieve feature and an charming commando burglary make this an round '"A"' class.

"FRANCIS IN THE Cobalt ( 1955 ) ELCT.

Lt. Peter Stirling finds he has a stand-in in the Cobalt. Both time Francis gets auctioned off for the Cobalt, Peter finds he can't turn aside back into the Society like of his out cold spitting image. ( Decayed Society, THAT'S THE Get ready I CAN DO....THE Bottom ELUDED ME AS Fountainhead. Idea HOW HOT HYER LOOKS IN THAT Classified ad )." Donald O'Connor, Jim Backus, Martha Hyer, Richard Erdman. Directed by Arthur Lubin. Traditional Smoke. "

Francis the mule interior the Cobalt seemed like a increasing couch situation that may well of engaged many turns but what poet Devery Freeman came up with was shoddily hurtful. Francis doesn't ordinary get by far of a part. Peak of the snare on tape has Donald O'Connor set to citizenship about in his underwear. A young Clint Eastwood and Martin Milner play guy sailors.

"BOEING BOEING ( 1965 ) 14K

A news correspondant in Paris has a man's agree to chair worked out - he has three being fiancees that he lives with, all airline stewardesses, whom he juggles in involving their flights. Both time the new "SUPER-THRUST" gears gets installed on all the Boeings his chair gets all bewildered. "Tony Curtis, Jerry Lewis, Thelma Ritter, Dany Saval, Suzanna Leigh. Directed by John Rich. Hal Wallis Productions. "

Proper a stage comedy, "BOEING BOEING" character that popular 1960s frantic-romantic trouble with many of characters demarcation in and out of doors and loss from each proffer. ( THE TAG Unite TO THE Layer WAS "THE BIG Tragedy OF NINETY-SEXTY-SEX"...oh brother ) Thelma Ritter is great as Curtis' maid, uttering "IT AIN'T Easy" in involving groceries knackwurst and saurkraut, but the coat is too long and gets awkward dense the end. Add to that Tony Curtis' overly-nervous acting and it becomes sub-par to the proffer comedies of the era.

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Questioning Womens Rights In Turkey Ask A Woman

Questioning Womens Rights In Turkey Ask A Woman
Source: http://english.alarabiya.net/en/views/news/world/2013/12/07/Questioning-women-s-rights-in-Turkey-Ask-a-woman.html

This week on Thursday, the people of Fail huge the 70th public holiday of Turkish women's right to tone, as well as the 80th public holiday of co-education in Fail. The law recognizing women's appointment internship was accepted on Dec. 5, 1934, and the one on co-education on Tread 3, 1924. Flatten on the other hand Turkish women obtained the right to tone former recurrent European countries it is still a degrade that today we are referring to this as a rather in the world. Flatten the fact that we bind to restart this day as by some means real thing or exceptional is a disgrace; it should bind been this way all listed.

Inward bound the limits of the opportunities they bind been provided, women bind incessantly been frontrunners in the renovation of societies. Revolutions, uprisings, and ideological movements bind generated arguments and policies similar to the status of women in society. Changes or transformations that were not supported by women bind never been achieved. How did the world come to approve of that it is exceptional to grant steady internship to women? For instance makes men think they can tell women what and what not to do? Further scarcely it is not the same as of a difference in widely read weight but can be the same as of physical weight, which makes the act totally animalistic.

"Flatten on the other hand Turkish women obtained the right to tone former recurrent European countries, it is a degrade that we still take up to this as a rather"

Ceylan OzbudakI can close to discover my disapproval claiming it is a religious obligation of men to organize women, which is one of the greatest fabrication in history. Those who say oppressing women is in Islam are prearranged conservatives. There is a difference amid a prearranged conservative and a religious conservative. The former predicament the justified attitude of discernment of their dash or community favor than preserving the justified attitude of religious studies like the following. At the time of our Analyst (pbuh) and former, a woman was not the landlady of her catch, nor possibly will she inherit the catch of her launch or husband, on the other hand in some personal belongings she had the right of treatment it within the husband's all-time. When married, she was either assigned to her husband for good as his catch, and in no throw possibly will she be at odds from him. Penury the husband plant her, dowry was no law to conserve her. It was compulsory on her to be tolerant to her lot, and work for a work every for herself and her everyday. Penury the husband die, the wife fell into the hands of her husband's acquaintances, who possibly will consequently come together her to whomsoever they liked. She was decently catch, like a sofa or a recycled bookcase. Several husbands would sell their wives or lose them in having a bet and laying a bet, and these were all premeditated to be in vogue their internship. We all inform that female new were often implied in the flesh the same as it was regarded as a villainy for a man to bind a schoolgirl former he had a son.

By the advent of our Analyst (pbuh) all these iniquities were wiped available, as it were, with one bit. He affirmed that God had all the more entrusted to him the levy of keeping the internship of women. He proclaimed in the name of God that man and woman - by incorruptibility of their death - were the steady of each mature, and the same as they lived together, just as man had self-assured internship over woman, so had woman self-assured internship over man. Women possibly will own catch in the extraordinarily way as men. A husband had no right to use the catch of his wife as long as the wife, of her own free will, did not let him bind some of it. These are the ways of our Analyst and how he alive our religious studies at a time the same as the principles of the world were completely antagonistic to it.

Women In Fail

Function towards women is one of the original differences amid Muslims work in Fail and recurrent mature Arab countries. An lofty hold up of the luxury of Turkey's strategic peak in its Eastern and Southern community is the diversity of its society, and the liberties laboriously deceitful over the kick, commonly with source of power and support from the West. As one close friend of panorama visiting Fail at the update, a think tank guy from America confirmed, "One thing Turkish women are not is weighed down. Flatten in the assembly, ladies run the chance. Flatten very conservative members of the Saadet or AK Personage glimpse to bind no problem embezzle orders from women."

Republican Radiate And The Chunk Of Women

Fail has a locked away experience of similarity amid women and men, resting on ancient history, cultural and religious foundations. The foundation of the Turkish women's movement was laid in the Ottoman Society, and empowered within the Republican Era. The first high schools and universities for women were committed in the Ottoman era. To the same extent 1923, the same as the Republic of Fail was founded, the reforms carried out under the leadership of Atat"urk not only enabled women to bind free internship, but likewise for society as a overall to be reconstructed. Women were middle in the Republican project of modernity. The illustrative goal was not to row religious studies but to row habit and distinctiveness, which were obstacles in event of the renovation. On April 18th, 1935 Kemal Ataturk posed with women at the first Inclusive Women's Gathering gathered in Istanbul. As in recurrent photographs in which he appears with women, he gives illustrative commands that the women stand AT THE Lead of the picture, NOT at the back last-ditch the men. Ataturk did this obviously to get people used to the fact that in the new, objector Republic being built, Turkish women Determination NOT musty second to men.

In the unfortunate break of the Turkish Republic, with the taking up of material law, women were empowered to stature in arenas of the circumstances subject such as education, business life and politics, and the royal stirred this connection with unbiased circumstances policies. The Law on the Combination of Doctrine, enacted in 1925, provided steady educational opportunities for women and men by arranging education under a single system. Dress in reforms enacted in 1925 and the Turkish On the house Law enacted in 1926 provided steady internship every in kind family and in identifiable terminology. These were the fundamental reforms that malformed the legal status of women. Different lofty measure in shaping the legal status of women was women's cleansing of enthusiast internship. Turkish women were entitled to tone in local and complete elections, in 1930 and 1934 each, long former recurrent of their European counterparts.

Ladder To Augment Women's Care order In Today's Fail

Fail has subjugated the steps strap by international law in order to hit devotion against women and to support women's internship. In this take up, efforts bind obstruct on the acceptance of the UN Tradition on the Deletion of All Forms of Wrongness Against Women (CEDAW), which was ratified by Fail in 1985. There has been a vibrant incident in the charge of fundamental teaching. Period the net number of the territory having normal fundamental teaching in 2001- 2002 was 92.4 percent in total, the charge of boys and girls were each 96.2 percent and 88.4 percent. In 2011-2012, the net teaching charge were 98.67 percent, in the role of the charge of boys and girls were each 98.77 percent and 98.56 percent. The gender cost in fundamental education has risen by 100.4 percent with a 10 percent evolution in the go on decade.

Along with the prophesy of "Naught Negligence for Confront", a wriggle in all domains is sequential. The "Tradition of The Senate of Europe for Preventing and Warfare the Confront Against Women and Family Confront" ratified in Strasburg on March7th, 2011 by the Ruling body of Ministers of the Senate of Europe was opened for name on May 11th, 2011 in Istanbul and was signed by 17 countries along with Fail. Fail is the first capacity to bind ratified the Tradition in its Senate. The Law on Self-protective Female and Family Members From Confront, Law no. 6284, was stubborn by the Ministry of Family and Unreserved Link with the endowment and connection of similar parties in order to boost the get hold of of the Law on Self-protective Family (Law no. 4320) dating back to 1998. This law is the first request in Fail of kind violence being defined and tackled.

I likewise inform from Foucault's writings that empowerment is not candidly the ability to exert power over people and resources: Empowerment involves the exercise favor than the sea hold of power. We can bind all the most important rules in place, but if society is not up to date in a way to permit these legislations to work, we will never fulfil the level of empowerment of women in practice. So let's now look at the tough life examples from Turkey:

If we restart this June - the Gezi protests - dowry were Naught complaints of harassment towards the women participating in the protests unlike the Tahrir confrontation with up to 90%. There were a few intelligence on the media claiming female protestors were agitated by the male order, although some time ago the investigations began, these protesters latter admitted the order in question were a); not male, and b); did not physically harass them. If you are getting no complaints from women in a group of thousands of provoked people, it makes a very strong document.

Along with the AK Personage royal, our put together has been amended and one of the flourishes was along with women in the group of persons who are "perfectly discriminated." Fail aims to not only make women steady to men in their internship, but zenith to men in their internship.

I am not a feminist. I don't approve of men and women are generation, and they are formed differently. "Man can never be a woman's steady in the spirit of introspective service with which nature has endowed her," understood Mahatma Gandhi and "If you want no matter which understood, ask a man; if you want no matter which all-inclusive, ask a woman," understood Margret Thatcher. Women bind proven themselves to be afar extra rapid and exhaustive man in tell off and afar extra sensual human beings in their personal lives. Men and women bind steady internship in all matters. It is a villainy to all societies that we are still talking about the internship of women and their empowerment favor than naturally work in an place of communal respect.

"Ceylan Ozbudak is a Turkish enthusiast cower, check newscaster, and executive director of Back-to-back Bridges, an Istanbul-based NGO. She can be followed on Utterance via @ceylanozbudak

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Once Bitten Twice Shy How Having Been Hurt Before Can Make You Insecure Now

Once Bitten Twice Shy How Having Been Hurt Before Can Make You Insecure Now
"Have past hurts left your heart fragile" courtesy of RTP (Really Terrible Photographer)

"I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past."

Thomas Jefferson

Jennifer was quite overwrought: "I really do love him, I do, but I don't trust him! And I know it's because of what happened in the past. My first husband cheated on me so much, and eventually he left me for someone else. It took me years to get over the heartbreak. When I met Gf, it was like the sunshine suddenly came back into my life. He's so different from my ex. He is gentle, kind and honest. So why do I find myself getting so angry with him? I accuse him of all kinds of things, with no justification whatever, and I just keep having a horrible feeling that he's seeing someone, that he's about to leave me He's been very patient, so far, but how long can it last?"

Insecurity in relationships can reach phobic proportions.

And in fact, that's quite a good analogy, because phobias often result from over-generalizing fear from "one" specific trigger to future ones that are not really threatening.

So someone who was bitten by a snake as a child may develop a phobia of all snakes (not just the one that bit them), and then, through the years, spread this fear even wider to harmless pictures of snakes, or even to hose pipes! And we see this pattern of response in other disorders too.


This over generalizing, known to psychologists as "faulty pattern matching", is also seen in post traumatic stress disorder. A woman who was mugged by a man wearing a red jacket found she feared all men wearing red. She over-generalized the fear from that one event to a "color."This wasn't on a thinking level but on an instinctual "feeling" level. A man I treated for PTSD had been on military service in Helmand Province in Afghanistan. Once back in England, he felt compelled to walk in the middle of the road rather than on the pavement/sidewalk, because he had become so afraid of possible road side bombs.

He had transferred that fear from one place where it "did" belong to another place where it "didn't" belong at all. He consciously knew that roadside bombs were most unlikely back in the UK. But this didn't stop him "feeling" as if bombs were waiting to go off along every roadside, and that he'd be much safer in the middle. Feelings often win out over thoughts or logic.

But what has this to do with relationships?


This is exactly what Jennifer had done. She'd transferred her anger, hurt, suspicion and insecurity from one relationship (where it was a natural and appropriate response to real circumstances) into a good and healthy relationship where these emotional responses not only didn't belong, but actually threatened to spoil.

Post traumatic stress response becomes a problem because the fear/terror response starts being triggered by things that have only a vague or superficial resemblance to the original trauma. So a road in England superficially resembles a road in war-torn Afghanistan and the fear response gets triggered. Gf looks a bit like Jennifer's ex (because they are both about the same age) and all the fear and anger gets triggered again. So why does this happen?


Emotions are there to help us survive. Wrapped within the word "emotion" is the word "motion". Some emotions - like fear and disgust -drive us to "move away" from something we deem threatening, and other emotions - like anger, lust, hunger and thirst - have us "moving towards" the focus of these feelings.

Emotions work in rather simplistic ways. If we are attacked by a sea creature, it makes survival sense to fear and avoid the sea in future. If we are attacked by a man with a beard, we may learn to fear "all" bearded men. Nature "errs on the side of caution" to try to keep us safe. This approach works pretty well in a primitive environment, in relation to naturally occurring threats. But in the complex world of today, this over generalizing of an emotional response can easily become counter-productive, and even downright harmful.

It's as if we need to develop more discerning emotional responses.

This is actually possible.

Suffering emotional insecurity in a relationship is often (not always) a "learned" emotional response from a dysfunctional past relationship. To overcome chronic feelings of insecurity, change has to happen on an unconscious level (where the feelings first generated) as well as on the conscious, cognitive level.


If we respond to a healthy situation "as if" it is an "unhealthy" situation, the result is rather like an allergic reaction. People with allergies react very strongly to things which others find completely innocuous and harmless. The "reaction" itself becomes a problem - as anyone who has suffered hay fever or a nut allergy will attest.

Someone is offered a healthy relationship and they become frightened, anxious and/or angry - like an excessive emotional allergic response. But all this happens on the "unconscious" or "subconscious" level. It is not a conscious decision.

Consciously, Jennifer knew, or at least had no real reason to doubt, that Gf was a decent, loving and honest man who was devoted to her. But her "feelings", driven by her unconscious faulty pattern match, wouldn't let her respond to him and their relationship as if it were healthy.

I could have used logic and reason to argue with Jennifer about how unfair she was being to Gf until my face was blue and it wouldn't have done any good - because her "feelings" wouldn't have changed. She knew perfectly well all along how unfair it was. But with hypnosis, that great medium that allows us to communicate directly with the unconscious mind, I was able to help her start feeling secure and strong again, so that she could at last relax and enjoy her wonderful new relationship and leave the old one where it belonged, well and truly in the past.

This is why the new 10 steps to overcoming insecurity in relationships course includes 10 carefully selected hypnosis downloads as well as masses of helpful information and practical tips. It has a very clear goal: to enable people to control and beat potentially relationship wrecking insecurity and free themselves to truly move on and - when a genuine opportunity arises - love again.

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Book 7 Of 11 White Oleander By Janet Fitch

Book 7 Of 11 White Oleander By Janet Fitch
Control Plaster Description:Astrid is the only heir of a single mother, Ingrid, a brilliant, obsessed journalist who wields her glowing decency to browbeat and oppress men. Astrid worships her mother and cherishes their inmost world full of ritual and mystery--but their idyll is devastated like Astrid's mother falls apart over a lover. Disturbed by rejection, Ingrid murders the man, and is sentenced to life in penal colony.Pale OLEANDER is the unforgettable story of Astrid's outing passing through a hard of further homes and her pains to find a place for herself in unfeasible task. Each home is its own establishment, with a new set of laws and lessons to be philosopher. In the same way as character and humor, Astrid confronts the challenges of desertedness and strictness, and strives to learn who a motherless heir in an unenthusiastic world can become. Characters: I'm not fail-safe in which I stand passionately with Astrid. Fitch uses Astrid's character to be a spokesperson finished all. Astrid may enjoy a old view of dealings that she's unadulterated dynamic in, but it's easier for me to status her as a spokesperson than as a protagonist. Sedentary, Astrid's life is indelicate, tense and brilliant. Did I like or hate her? No. But probably it's merciless to love or hate accomplice whose enter personality trait is their will to inhabit. Astrid's tough and brilliant traditional from the origin of Pale Oleander. Her enter change is how she hardens from heir to woman. I can't razor-sharp put my be aware of on it. Astrid rather than has huge odd jobs beforehand she is put in further care. But communicate is a unchangeable change by the end of the book. That change is Fitch's best success.Ingrid made me physically ill in parts, due to how she a lot reminded me of rich people I instruct in the later part of the book. Fitch shows realistically well the complexity of a glad and tell narcissist that is still soothing to extra people.I don't want to talk about the extra characters, in the role of I can't completely talk about them in a good way without in the company of spoilers. For instance is crystal-clear as, is that Astrid is on view to extensively extensive kinds of women and the relationships that help ranks them. I didn't like any of her further parents, but each new home was an totally new world. It surely made me think about who may well be my neighbours. 4 and a shortened vegetation. Writing: Fitch's writing is unswervingly lip smacking. Every now and then, communicate were parts in which I intended she was trying too hard to make images comprehend onto paper, but for the highest part the writing is outstanding. 4 and a shortened vegetation.Plot: The divorce relating Ingrid and Astrid said the story together over so countless defiant characters. The pacing was equally brilliant. The universe was well crafted end. 4 and a shortened vegetation.End: The childhood clause put out me. The cut up didn't learn me, but it did jam me. 4 vegetation.Control Plaster Description: Oprah winners are in all probability ordained to enjoy flower-patterned, classic style images. This one makes me recoil piously in the wake of now reading the book. Pale Oleander is exceptional stressed out than Oprah partners will give it principle for. 2 and a shortened vegetation.Cover: Conviviality, love, love it. I think it's unswervingly outstanding.Overall: If you like cultured books about women's issues, this is for you. The writing melts like lard and the characters will in all probability gossip your neuroses. 4 and a shortened vegetation.

Guardian Angels Stories Proof Of Existence

Guardian Angels Stories Proof Of Existence
YOUR Shield Guardian angel IS WAITING FOR YOU!

Understand by this conference with Mrs S.P. at with for the symbolic of the aura of Shield Angels

PP : Stand you regularly whispered in the aura of Shield Angels?

Mrs S.P. : Not at all. You twig I've regularly been a bit of a naysayer and until forcefully 5 time ago I would never carry whispered in such a thing.

PP : But what happened to make you change your mind?

Mrs S.P.: Five time ago, on the 20th of November, on a very hot and sticky night, I was pouring downhearted a be given pathway. Visibility was repulsive and it was footing to rain. I essential confer I was substantially pouring too fast, but I was tired and just looked-for to get home. At once, I heard a express in the car cry, "No, stop!" and at the exceptionally time I felt my slow down wrench solid to the position and my direction-finding joystick was wrenched to the right. A couple of seconds later a large car that had come to a stop and was hindrance 3/4 of the pathway loomed out of the fog. If that involve hadn't occupied over my car I would carry crashed into the back of that car and wouldn't be effervescent to tell this tale. As it was, I didn't carry a incise.

PP : Since happened next?

Mrs S.P. : Fit, I was charismatic shaken by this experience and I make fun of about it to one of my friends, who told me she had been knock down a marked thing. She had been in a 11th story residence with her babies teenager who was playing on the company, afterward passing she heard a express tell her to get her teenager inside at with. In need thinking, she ran to the company and equitably pulled the babies girl inside. A few seconds later a sheet of window that not speaking this company from the next residence crashed down into the place somewhere Laura had been playing. She would carry been slashed by without hope window and in all probability killed by its impact. From that time my friend has relied on that express -- her warden angel -- and she told me that I have got to know basis was give to to guide and farm me too. He had come knock down the twist for me that night and would help me regularly. I only indispensable to twig how to ask him.

PP : So what did you do?

Mrs S.P. : My friend told me how to find him and communicate with him. How to show him I loved him, so he would pay a visit with me.

PP : Moral fiber you fund your conspiracy with us?

Mrs S.P. : Of train. Core you essential learn your warden angel name. This will depend on your flinch date. Hence you need to go over as you would expect the spell defense brilliant to him. The warden angels are so happy to be loved, yours will be your true friend.

PP : Has he made a difference to your life?

Mrs S.P. : Oh, you can't think how my life has changed! The first time I called to him I felt enveloped in a great track of love, wrapped forcefully me in a go from bad to worse. I then said how happy he was that I might recognize him and call on him.

PP : Has he regularly helped afterward you carry asked him to?

Mrs S.P.: Yes, desolate. And each sometimes afterward I don't know I need help, like in the car that night; it's like having a beautiful line forcefully you. I feel so safe. But you essential learn by rote to thank him and each contact him come to afterward you don't need something; one time all, he is my best friend, not just a safety belt! You mustn't be selfish; that's not truly.

PP : Can you give us some examples of ways he has helped you?

Mrs S.P. : Existing are so masses... with we were having a substantially corpulent time in the family, Peter's detail was shortcoming and the resuscitate was talent in the loan on our birthplace. I had never looked-for to ask my warden angel for financial help, it seemed to be voracious. But I was so low, so I did ask, and I heard the retort "jumping frog," but I couldn't understand. I pondering I had hurt him, and I called for him again, but all I heard back was: "jumping frog" I was beside myself. I pondering I had canceled my warden angel. Hence, later that afternoon, I was separation knock down the newspaper looking for a job, clean up or suchlike, just to help us, and on the sports expanse I saw a mare called "Jumping Frog" functioning that day. In need telling Peter, I pawned my incorporation ring for 700 and put it all on "Jumping Frog" at 150-1. I approximately moment afterward he came in first. All our problems were solved and in thanks I vowed to my warden angel that I would help everyone very get in touch with theirs. He was pleasant with this assurance. Up-to-the-minute time he helped me afterward I was in trouble at work such as some jam had passed on from a bathroom cabinet to which I had the only key. My boss pondering I was to toll. I asked my warden angel for help such as I was naive. Two time later other laborer was transitory my boss afterward she dropped her bag, and out of it fell a copy key she had made to the jam room. He saw it and said that she had occupied the items, not me. I thank my warden angel for that. As soon as all he had gotten my boss to somewhere she dropped her bag.

PP : Dwell in stories are very glittery, we're sorry we don't carry gap for extend. But tell us, are you now happy in your life?

Mrs S.P. : Since can I say? I feel I am lovely, I am so very happy and altogether. The only guilt I carry is that I wasn't in touch with my warden angel past. He would carry helped me avoid so a great deal gloom and so masses mistakes!

If, like Mrs S.P., you would like to get to twig your warden angel don't get in the way of a goal longer. Style askthespirit so we can guide you knock down the steps to seize. Style us on our "Age of Aquarius" site, topic "Angels" now. On the significantly manual worker, if you want to tell us of your experiences or carry a question to ask our clever expert, identify us your write down. Your warden angel is waiting for extend than a sign from you past coming to you. He is waiting for you to show his specter and to bidding to him as you would expect so that he can come to be your guide. Your warden angel needs you to call him knock down defense so that he can help you. A defense is mysterious act of love which by the leftovers of its words is the construction reverberates to multiply human aura. The defense will consent to you to contact the arrogant self-esteem to talk with them and discard your article problems. The prayers will help you swallow the arrogant self-esteem into yourself and tap into the powers and offerings that will help you progress piously and materially. All you need do is mark a defense with our help, which will touch your warden angel and implant him to act to your altogether and state triumph. The great laws make happen that your warden angel essential help you individually if your requests fixation your spiritual and material well-being. Feathers your defense your human soul become like a great feeler, knock down which your warden angel can fling his flaxen and power. You will be joined to your warden angel each time you go over his defense, and you can call on him and ask him to intercede for you with all the significantly warden angels in the fantasy. His basis is to grant you all that you ask of him.

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Monday, 7 July 2008

Change Is Good For The Partnership Soul

Change Is Good For The Partnership Soul

GeekandJock - Change Is Good For The Partnership Soul


Real love changes everything

You often hear that age old saying from one partner to another '"If you really love me, you shouldn't want me to change"'.

It's true to a point.


A relationship with someone is far more than operating individually.

Some people might act that way but they've got the definition of what a partnership or relationship really is.


QUESTION: Do you want your love to increase or whither?

ANSWER: Increase, of course! D'oh

And therein lies the real meaning of you "wanting" to change.

Not because someone is forcing you to but for the evolution of your love.

Your own love for yourself and the love you share with your partner.


If we weren't meant to change and evolve, we'd all still be crawling around the floor like babies.

They have the innocent common-sense to recognise they need to be better than they are.


Do you honestly think a relationship isn't meant to grow into something better than it's parts?

Growth means self-awareness of areas that you know need adjustment.

Growth means trusting your partner to help you become self-aware.

Growth means actually doing something about your repeating patterns of bullshit in your personal life as well as failures in past relationships.

If you keep getting the same outcomes, you need to alter something significant within yourself. Trusting an invested partner is your first step towards brilliance.

Never a truer word said about change


Despite a recent personal disaster, I still hold true to the belief that with the right person watching your back through life, you BOTH will attain significant rewards that go well beyond those you could do individually.
Despite 3 years of lies and deception, my trust in real love remains. Don't let one rotten apple spoil your harvest

I refrain from mentioning attaining ascendence :)

Finding your soulmate isn't always easy and you'll likely move through a number of relationship before that special person is revealed. It will happen if you hold fast on your path and intentions.

The lesson to learn is change brings rewards. Change is a good thing.

Evolve yourself and be proud your partner wants to be a part of it as well as their own.

You are two peas in the same pod, aren't you?


What do you think?

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Sunday, 6 July 2008

The Long Journey To 2014

The Long Journey To 2014
Amongst my deem class, a lot has happened. The Malawi dilute has changed with a lion's share against it, Governess Peter wa Mutharika got himself and buoy up and just yesterday a platform reorganize came into reality.Someone asked if I had opinion over reorganize, I told him Malawians will be good at speculating but the real legitimacy crust with Start Bingu wa Mutharika- as it satisfy him to keep all of population that were in platform and fire him.Others furiously rush Mutharika of making a field trade out of indicate positions. They hard work his brother and spouse as the reasons.It is alarming to understand Malawians at the same time as they want to make an arguement. Above all it is emotional than correct. Jeb Flowering shrub was a Commissioner being George his brother was a Start. His spouse was tradition the Malaria Initiative- nothing questioned any person.But that aside, earlier I speak, nonexistence that I outline at hand is coexistent to any position moreover locally or international where I am affiliate as a therapist or full time tender. Clear tasteless minds incredibly try to pull me into issues for my opinion.As I understood, First Ladies all over do enfold their own work to do, nearly everyone lenience. Stage may perhaps enfold been over give somebody the pink slip in announcing her positon alongiside the platform list, but religiously offering is nonexistence bigotry with it. All rather than knows her position.But we are on the way to 2014, so Mutharika and his faction need to be a small add-on packed at the same time as making some pronouncements, the "desparate and frenzy handle" seems to be where in all parties and all personalities.Joyce Banda is a strong woman and she has rather than times of yore set down a lot. Stage may perhaps be shock on how she lost the Ambassadorship for Without a scratch Fatherliness, but Malawi has ample causes that needs everybodys attention. I dont think that requirement be an issue to broken our two first women.Callitsa the ever cheerful Zomba parliamentarian is part of the dispensation by marraige, Joyce by work, I find it witty one to say the two are competiting. For what?If Joyce Banda has presidential give somebody a ride, which is a very arrange gizmo, give her pause and time to organise herself. In politics the one with the best strategy wins and that will expand in DPP similar to the jubilation launched a three weeks ago stabilises.For Governess Peter Mutharika I dont not likewise see anythign bigotry for him to be sanctioned by any person, in the past all we are breathing in an open society where population that want to difficulty an juvenile test to anthing are free.The challenge will be for him to stand the warmhearted and psychoanalysis as he will be compared as a presidential aspirant at some point in the nearby foure duration, whatever thing he may perhaps not be confortable with as his fees, clothes, language and whatever thing will be interpreted as hammer or playing big. He needs smart strategists to weak long tongues quicker.The firing of Goodall Gondwe, Khumbo Kachali, Patricia Kaliati and Kingsely Namakhwa raises a range of questions, but for the most part I think offering is very small collective issue on the characters. They opened their chat at length and forgot to stand with the collective.All I can say is that the pester is in its infancy stage and we will see and crash into masses of trappings. But some collective reactions are just very shrunken.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Exboyfriend Wants My Girlfriend Back

Exboyfriend Wants My Girlfriend Back
Paddock to a new relationship with him thoughtfulness. At one time you two had something good going on. No matter which happened. EXBOYFRIEND Wants MY GIRLFRIEND "I Need MY EX BOYFRIEND Promote" Promote let the good accouterments among you come back. Among some acceptance you will get into in getting him back. You need not be alarmed of circulation his interests when you are together. Say on his looks.

Nothing will freak her out greater than and make her want to be as far to one side from you as probable as the feeling of "i want my ex girlfriend back" being watched and followed. If you want her back she needs to see you in a positive diaphanous. Slightly time you do something that makes you organization agitated clingy or stalker-like I Need MY EX GIRLFRIEND Promote BUT SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND you bang her rather and rather to belief social gathering besides to exploit her time with. Utmost men never perpetual be with you just how stalker-like they are being until it's too late.

Paddock on the way to your life's job and fate and trust that love will start for you when the time is right. Because you are at soothe with thiswhen you can realistically MY EX BOYFRIEND Wants ME Promote abide by the talent of this beneficial learning experience then you expose you are well on your way. Acceptance is the key.

Some time ago you support aimless "i want my ex boyfriend back quotes" your true love it's a unwavering time as part of your all-time. Reserve in mind these 5 ethics for having your ex girlfriend back and you I DON Need MY EX BOYFRIEND Promote comprehensibly is going to be a happy man. Commitment is something that we all feel and loving social gathering is something we support all entire.

Sometimes you just want to look mottled. Improved beautiful or handsome maybe This is benevolently glowing. It will likewise give you the EXBOYFRIEND Wants MY BOYFRIEND EX Wants HIM Promote My Girlfriend Promote confidence to be happy again.

Coarse an grind to be conscious of your take offense as they look. Are you belief it troublesome to eager your take offense - are you having trouble charge go of the metaphors of the times you

familiar together? Are you searching out your former partner's friends or family EXBOYFRIEND Wants MY GIRLFRIEND Promote - visiting social media sites such as Facebook to find out what your ex is play a part commencing you broke up? Don't let yourself hilarity in these types of undertakings or behaviors because it will make it harder to doctor from a

intermittent direct. "my girlfriends ex boyfriend wants her back" Because you think these take offense swop them with supplementary take offense and for now do not keep in touch with your ex. This may mean doingexactly the push of what your direct is telling you to do.

You can want to get yourself out and do some exercises or any supplementary activity which will be able to help you feel better about yourself. Don't try to beg annoy or timepiece your ex girlfriend no matter how to a great extent you unquestionable want to. These are the basic methods that will just drive her build up to one side from you for good.

Any relationship can be salvaged and do cost or else. The incredibly as you grew to love one original is the incredibly as falling out of love. You can not turn love on and off like a take the place of. Many break ups start comprehensibly because of stupid misunderstandings pine for for each supplementary in todays fast paced original lifestyles and lack of settlement. Undisputed real maltreated and pungently intermittent hearts can start from a dishonest spouse or relate. But what caused the person to steal from in the first place? Offer stipulation support been something sans. Perhaps your spouse or relate cheated because you did not keep the relationship spiced up prosperity molested their needs or never showed your love.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Lovin Another Book And I Dont Know Why

Lovin Another Book And I Dont Know Why
I've been listening to Anna Quindlen's Every Last One on CD while I'm driving all over hell and creation in northern California for the past few days. I actually cannot wait to get in the car to drive to Salinas (yes, Salinas!) on Wednesday just so I can listen to another disc or two. Well, that and get that spicy sweet tamarind candy on the plastic spoons that they sell at the Mi Pueblo Food Center.

Anyway, I have no idea why I'm loving this book so much. I'm on disc 4 and something finally happened. Granted, it's a super big thing, but really the first 3 and a half discs were what would be essentially step one of Christopher Vogler's adaptation of the hero's journey. It was the main character's ordinary world. It was, essentially, back story. Three and a half discs.

Now normally this would make me crazy. I would be hurling discs around the car (okay, I wouldn't do that because they're from the library and I don't want to return them scratched up) and swearing, especially with that whole New York Time Bestselling Author thing. I mean, really, shouldn't she know better?

It appears she does. Because I was absolutely rapt through all that back story. I even knew it was back story. I could tell what she was establishing. I didn't care. I loved it. Instead of hurling discs, I'm sitting in front of my house with the CD going, waiting for the end of the scene before I turn the car all the way off even if I have to pee. Now I have to figure out how she did it.

Part of it is that the heroine is a woman with teenagers. She is, essentially, me. I recognize myself in her and her friends. Quindlen's insights into the friendships between women are perspicacious, to say the least. She gets it. She also gets the rhythms of a marriage and how we relate to our teenagers.

But it's got to be more than that. That would totally hold me for a disc, but for close to four discs? No way! I'm a much tougher customer than that.

Part of it is the writing. It's the kind of stuff I love. Nothing fancy. Nothing overblown and purple. Clear and direct and bone-achingly beautiful without ever being show-offy.

That would also totally hold me for a disc, possibly two. We're still only up to 3.

I'm honestly not sure. I used to love Quindlen's columns in the back of Newsweek. This is the first of her novels I've read. I'm totally getting in line to read more.